Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday- Let The CONTEST Begin

Welcome to my month long contest.

As usual I will have something different for you each day of the week, except for the weekends.
To receive an entry really all you need to do is leave a comment, but feel free to participate in the daily task if you can. I try to make them fun for all. All comments count as an entry even on the weekends.

There will be 5 winners this month, winners will be announced on Monday's
1st winner- October 6
2nd winner- October 13
3rd winner- October 20
4th winner- October 27
5th winner- November 3

This month all prizes will be a dishcloth pattern of your choice from the Knits By Rachel website. There are some great patterns there to knit so don't wait to check them out, it's going to be a hard choice.

The winners will be determined by Random Generator, I will call him Regis, and anyone can win even if you have already won. So make sure you come by daily to get your entries.

Wednesday is RIDDLE DAY

I love my reality TV shows
They're my favorite everyone knows
American Idol, Survivor and Amazing Race
And Biggest Loser, wish I'd lose at their pace
When will they have reality Knitting on TV
It's way past due if you ask me
Then I could play along with my friends
Until the show comes to it's end
Like I am now with Survivor and Amazing Race too
If my people win I will win lots of yarn , woo hoo
So if you want to know the scoop
You'll have to visit the Ravelry ???

Well there you go... see if you can solve the riddle and post your answer in the comment section to receive an entry. Right or wrong your comment still counts.

Hopefully the rest of the week the blog won't be started so late in the day.

Thank you for playing and BRING your friends too.


Lil Knitter said...

Woo Hoo...contest time again! Gotta go put your button back up. :)
The answer is group!

Anonymous said...

Ravelry Group!

That was a relief - I know NOTHING about reality TV! I was afraid that was where you were going.

sailorcross said...

Well, it's got to be Ravelry Group!

Hope your day was good to you!


RoamingKnitter said...

The Ravelry Group of course. The Amazing Race Group to be specific. Go team go! Win Kathy bunches of yarn.

hakucho said...

Check out my just won an award :)

Kenyetta said...

I am going with the crowd- group?

Jane said...

Ravelry Group! What would a day be without visiting Ravelry. I'm in too many groups over there to visit each of them every day - but I try!

JoyB said...

I love the Knit A Longs on Ravelry. I am currently doing both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Did not know the had ne for Survivor. I am a HUGE fan. Will have to go check it out. thanks!! JoyB

Wendy said...

I guess I have sicky brain dead head because I did not get the answer, until I looked at all the other comments........

Anonymous said...

Fun giveaway! I couldn't get into Ravelry today...try later. But I did share about your giveaway here:

Also, wanted to let you know about the Fall Into Fall Giveaways happening now throuh October 15. Please visit my blog to enter my giveaway and others!

Have A Happy Day!
Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

SimplyMe said...


So I take it you are still up?

leah said...

Oh how I've missed your riddles!!! Group!

Unknown said...

Poop? LOL, no it's group. That's the first thing that popped into my head today. Need to get away from the kids!

I too am a reality TV junkie. It's a bad bad addiction. Though I am somewhat picky. I don't do the dating shows. I think everything else is a go. LOL.

Unknown said...

Group, we gotta Group, group, group . . .

I avoid reality tv . . . for the same reason that I avoid mini-series. Although I did win our American Idol thing last year at work, so I was compelled to watch whatshisface win.

You are so good about doing these contests!

Katie O said...

GROUP!!! I hope you win! yea lots of yarny goodness!

Debbie said...

There are two groups on Ravelry, one is linked to Survivor, where people were randomly linked to various people on the show, there is also a group linked to the Amazing Race. I remember then announcing one on Rav Happenings but I don't remember the other one being announced. I don't watch either show.

jenny said...

wow thay are al so nice and all the clors are so grate and well any one would do me just fine thanks

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