Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday- Regis Strikes Again, and The Winner Is...

The winner is KATIE O, Regis chose comment number 51 out of 79 and that belonged to YOU.
Now you get to choose a dishcloth pattern of your choice from Rachel's pattern site. Good luck with that, lol... I myself want one of each.

Now don't be sad if you weren't the winner yet, there are still three more chances, just make sure you get here to comment each day, OK?


Monday's assignment today is...

Is there a hand made item you would just LOVE to have and use except you just can't seem to make one for yourself? Tell us about it.

Post your answer to this question in the comments section and receive an entry in this weeks contest. No answer is right or wrong, and as usual any old comment will count, so don't be shy.

My answer to this question... is YES YES YES.

I have always dreamed of having a soft pastel pink cowl neck sweater. I want a dainty, feminine pattern with a huge loose floppy cowl neck, something that doesn't confine my neck. It's my dream sweater for when I am at my goal weight. BUT, I have yet to find the pattern that matches my dream, and I have NEVER knitted a sweater either. I figure I have a year or two to learn to knit a sweater and find or learn to design the pattern I am dreaming of.

That's about it for me today... except... Yesterday I was tagged twice, and as usual I chose not to tag any one as I hate to pressure anyone... but if you should decide to do one or both of those meme's on your blog this week I will give you an extra 5 entries for each one you do. No pressure now, LOL.

Enjoy your day.



leah said...

Hmmmm....I have trouble making things for myself. No trouble making things for others, but me...well I know it is wierd. As far as patterns I'm pretty fearless and will to give anything a go! I'm working on a sweater for me and if it turns out the way it should, it will be awesome!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to this week's winner!

There is a group on Ravelry called Handmade RAK (random act of kindness) similar to the RAK group, except all requests are handmade items. I can't think of anything to ask for since I can make anything I would use...

But If I had to choose something, I guess it would be some cute amigurimi animals or such. Not only would they be cute, but the kids would enjoy them!

Katie O said...

Yea, Regis loves me!! I was completely shocked and considering I have been uber sick, it brightened my day to win!! :) I want the Gravy boat pattern... it took awhile to dig through them all!!!

sailorcross said...

Congratulations, Katie!! Yeah for you!!!

Now, what would I like for me? What a hard question!!

I do like the Central Park Hoodie that is on Interweave Knits--the one I was going to make for my daughter until I figured out the yarn cost--definitely a no go!! But, I would have made her's in green, and I would definitely prefer blue--blue like the sky with little bits of color just flecked in it!


Awesome Mom said...

I would love to have a nice cardigan but like you I have never had the courage to knit a sweater.

Unknown said...

I would like to make a shawl, something with beads that I could just have for me. One of those things where people stop and ask you where you got it. Yeah, that would do the trick!

Turtle said...

i never have trouble making things for myself or others but do have a hard time making a hugely time consuming project (like a sweater) for anyone not in my household.

congrats to the winner!

Lil Knitter said...

Congrats Katie!!
For me, it would be a cardigan. I love the Central Park Hoodie or even just a nice bulky cardigan with maybe some cables. I just don't have the courage to cast on for one of these yet.
I am trying to decide on a cowl though...not a whole sweater...just one of those cowls that you can pull over your head if you get too cold. I so want one.

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