Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday- GIVE ME MY STICK!!!

Adam made a little video last weekend and he has been waiting for me to put it on here so he can watch it for the three thousandth time, lol. It's a little screechy but he loves watching it. Feel free to watch it yourself if you want, it will be at the end of the blog post today.

So what's been going on with me??? I haven't knitted much this week, just BUSY BUSY BUSY. Seems when I have a minute home all I want to do is rest.

As you can see I have a couple new tickers on the blog. Countdown to surgery, Weight loss counter and Swimming goal. I should have one for regular activity too and may consider it later, after surgery. For the first 3 or 5 weeks afterward I will only be able to walk for exercise.

I am now going to physical therapy twice a week to work on those monster machines. I am still working on naming them all. I have named two so far... the exercise bike has been named OSCAR because I am a grouch just thinking about going on that one. I have named the aerobic arm machine... GROVER because GROVER is my favorite Sesame Street character and I enjoy that machine. My arms are very strong so that machine is a breeze. I am considering naming thew treadmill... TELLY (there is a telly right?) because it's right next to the TV and I try to focus on the TV while walking so the time goes faster. It's not my favorite machine but I go slow and it sure works up a massive sweat. Almost embarrassing. So far it's the only machine/activity that makes me sweat.

I have seen and been cleared from all my doctors for surgery. I still need the endoscopy done, that's on Tuesday. Thursday I see the surgeon for my last visit and then unless the insurance refuses to cover it I am good to go.

Now on the knitting front...
I've been working on those Christmas dishcloths no new patterns so I won't post pictures of those. But I am planning on a few different ones this week, if I can find the time to knit.

I can't remember if I posted here the pictures of the mini felted bags I made. Still not felted yet and I still haven't tried to make my first I-cord. Jane sent me instructions for the I-cord but I haven't braved trying them yet. Let me know if I showed pictures of them here, if not I will post those pictures tomorrow. By the way those pumpkins I showed yesterday were from Janes blog too. Weren't they the cutest things?

I got some Santa Elf labels in the mail this week and they are so cool.

There is a Santa Elf Project, check out the link to read more about it. Thank you Mary Lynn for thinking of me. I can't wait to make an elf hat for at least my niece and nephew and Adam and...

And I got my prize from the 3DayWalk breast cancer contest at Mels Blog. It is 2 hanks of 100% Shetland Wool Yarn, 2ply sport weight, 15-18 wpi, 370 yards (4oz) each. It is a charcoal grayish color and I love it but I have no clue what to make with it. HELP please.

OK that's about it for today. More to follow tomorrow. Remember any comments over the weekend still count towards the contest this week. Regis will be announcing the winner Monday morning... before I go to face the Monster Machines.

Oh and here's Adams favorite video these days

18 days and counting


leah said...

Hi Ak!
Sorry I haven't commented more this week...things have been crazy here too! I'm so glad you are on track for your surgery!!!! I'm so in awe of your dedication! The i-cord isn't as hard as it seems. You'll love them once you get the hang of it!!

Kenyetta said...

With everything you have accomplished lately, the i cord is a breeze!

Wendy said...

Well Well...I am so VERY new at knitting and I do is a can do it, because if I can nayone can...LOL
Love the video......
Big Hugs

sailorcross said...

Hmmmm...I'll be thinking about a project for that wool for AFTER Christmas!!

Love the video--you and Adam are having such a good time--love to hear you both laughing!!

Only 18 days!! WOO HOO!!!


hakucho said...

Not long now...busy is good; it will make the time go by even faster :)

Jane said...

You two have so much fun together! I'm sure that knitting has helped make your arms so strong for Grover!

deb said...

What type of surgery are you having? I just came to your site from the yahoo group and haven't had a chance to read your whole blog yet. Good luck and prayers are with you and let us know how it goes. I just joined the yahoo group and love making squares as they are addicting! I am anxious to see more of your designs. deb

mel said...

If I had some of Elaina's yarn for my very own (and I will soon!) I think I would be making some full length armwarmers or woolly knee socks!! :) I hope you enjoy Kathy!!

And, for some reason I hadn't noticed you were having surgery before now. I hope it is a good one (i.e. positive/elective) - sending good thoughts regardless.

Best, mel

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