Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday- I choose to Worship and Not Worry.

Wow is it Sunday already? I am a little mixed up with Adam going home yesterday.

I did get a little knitting in yesterday.

I finished these two dishcloths, a Christmas tree illusion cloth and grandmothers lace. I used Peaches and Creme Red and Green and Victorian Christmas colors.

I think I might take a break from dishcloths and work on a couple felted bags. maybe... First I have to find my bag of wool for felting, lol.

Geez I just gave myself a heart attack. My husband had a deer head hanging on the wall ans the TV is on and it made a shadow move right need the head and I thought the darn thing turned and looked at me. OK that's just SPOOKY.

Tomorrow I go to the breathing DR for a final breathing test and clearance for surgery. Hopefully I can get to the pool in the morning first. It's so cold but I want to swim. I haven't been swimming since Thursday and I miss it. I should just go now, I am home alone. But my feet are so cold and the thought of a bathing suit is making me shake and shiver. But I might anyway. Then again I might take a nap while watching NASCAR.

I wanted to thank Susan for the monster names and descriptions of the Sesame Street Characters all my memories started flooding back after reading that and it made me smile. I can't wait to pick the names for each machine. And Mimi too, I love the Muppets as well. Jim Henson was a genius.

I saw this quote today...
"We can worry or we can worship. Strangely enough, busy people find it a whole lot easier to worry than to worship."

My prayer for us all is that we choose to find more time to Worship and NO time to worry.


sailorcross said...

I love the illusion cloth. I put it in my queue on Ravelry for future reference!

I found time to worship today--why worry? The day will bring what it will bring. And tomorrow--we don't even know if tomorrow will arrive. So, why worry about tomorrow until we see what it brings? And even then, if tomorrow brings troubles, we still should worship and give thanks! Why? Because God uses all things, good and bad, for HIS good purposes.

Love ya',


cedarstrings said...

Aunt Kathy, I'm thinking of you as your surgery approaches. I know your faith runs deep, but I also admire your bravery and commitment. Some day you will tell your great-great grandchildren about your life-affirming journey and they will marvel at and follow the example you have set.
Thanks for all of your blog posts, your work at the Yahoo groups, and the inspiration you've provided to me!

smariek said...

I love the illusion cloths, I think they look neat but I still haven't tried my hand at it. One of these days I need to sit down and figure out how it is done.

leah said...

We can worry or worship! Thanks for the reminder!

Mary Ann said...

The dishcloths are great! I didn't realize that your surgery was so close. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

How did you like the race today? I thought it was great. Talk to you soon.

Kenyetta said...

I live illusion knitting!
Good luck tomorrow!

Lil Knitter said...

I love that Christmas illusion cloth.
I'm sitting here chilled to the bone..can't even imagine putting on a bathing suit. BRrrrr!
Good luck tomorrow!

Unknown said...


It must be very exciting for you to be getting closer and closer to this life-changing procedure.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

I don't find getting in the pool cold, its the getting out that I have a problem with!

Unknown said...

The deer is looking at you, LOL. I see stuff like that all the time. good luck with the test today!

Have a great day.

magnoliasntea said...

Love the cloths/1 I saw them on Carefree KAL, too. Thanks again for the tip to join the group. :)
I vote to make the deer

Marti said...

I like your cloths. I need to get busy in the dishrag dept. It's the most asked for thing that I knit...

hakucho said...

Your Christmas tree illusion cloth is awesome :)

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