Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday- So Help Me Name The Monster Machines

So here they are "The MONSTERS" I have decided I am going to give these machines all names and I told the therapist I was going to make plaques with their new names on them. She laughed and loves the idea. So since then I have been thinking about the names. I want MONSTER names... but I am thinking along the lines of Sesame Street MONSTERS. They are MONSTERS but they really are not SCARY right? And that is how I want to come to relate to these machines too. So here are the pictures of them all. Anyone game in helping me assign MONSTER names to them?

This is the treadmill and a shuttle?? I haven't tried that machine yet.

The machine on the far right I haven't tried either so not sure what it is, the middle one is the arm machine where your arm spin like your legs would on a bike. I noticed the lights on this machine are green so I was thinking of calling this one OSCAR. The machine on the left side is the recumbent bike, I used this last week but not this week.

Then here you have the regular bike, that's the one I rode this week and a stepping machine.

The machine next to the window is where I do my biceps and triceps, the other machine I haven't tried yet so not sure what it's called. This picture also shows the hand weights which I use as well.

And lastly this picture shows the stretchy bands I use for more arm exercises. I use these at home too, when I remember, lol. I asked if I could take a nap on the bed, lol... she said NO. Bummer.

So there you go 9 machines, hand weights and stretch bands... we can come up with some great names... no rush... just wanted to throw it out there. Once I have named them I will hand make plaques... maybe needlepoint??

I did much better on these machines this time.

1st visit
Treadmill 2 minutes 30 seconds
Recumbent Bike 4 minutes
Arm machine 4 minutes

2nd visit
Treadmill 10 minutes
Regular Bike 7 minutes
Arm machine 8 minutes

Next time I will do even better. I am determined to show an improvement each visit just like I did in the pool. No clinic next week, but after that I will go twice a week until Surgery. Of course I will also continue swimming in the pool too, my goal is to swim 5 miles a week minimum.

I see the breathing DR Monday for my final clearance from her and will get weighed in. Hopefully I will see some more of a loss. I actually gained a little last week. It was a tough week, depression does stupid things to your mind. But that is over and I am motivated again.

I am committed or should I say I should be committed, lol... to making some more Christmas knitting this weekend. My plans with Adam fell through for today as his other grandma called and he has to go home today at 2pm for a birthday party. So we are just hanging out for now, but after he goes home I will knit and clear off my DVR.

Oh I added another contest to my side bar... a Birthday Contest. Pretty easy she just wants to know about your most memorable birthday, that's it. I believe YARN is the prize.

There are also some others still on there that haven't run out yet, if you haven't checked them out maybe you can this weekend. I love contests, don't you?

Don't forget any comments received over the weekend will be included when "Regis" picks the winner on Monday.

Have a wonderful day today and I'll catch you all on Sunday. Cause I can run now so I actually have a chance of catching you. Hahahahahahaha


hakucho said...

Good for you with all your hard'll reap the rewards later:)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Unknown said...

Ugh, all those machines! You showed a remarkable improvement, I think. Still an inspiration to me.
Sorry about Adam. Guess you will just have to enjoy the sweet blessed silence.

sailorcross said...

WHOA!! What a work out!! And look at your improvement!!

Again, congratulations are due you!!

Names for those machines--the only I can think of that applies to ALL of them is "Blood, Sweat and Tears"..... but it is worth it all in the end!


SimplyMe said...

boy are you punny today!

Ya know, I don't even KNOW all the names anymore of the sesame street gang.

that's scary.

Katie O said...

makes me motivated to really be dedicated to the gym... cuz I kinda go here and there... need to go on a regular basis and get it set as part of my life routine... thanks for the inspiration!

Cinders said...

well done on your exercise regime.
I absoluteyl HAte those machines with a vengeance!! swimming is mny limit

lewister said...

Sadly, I still watch Sesame Street at the age of 38. With no kids. :-)

Elmo (should be the most annoying machine)
Zoe (the most upbeat)
Telly (the most down)
Grover (most all-purpose)
Rosita (most exotic)
Herry (the biggest)
Murray (he's the monster that does the word of the day at the beginning)

There's also the two-headed monster and I suppose you could count Snuffy if you wanted to, although he's not technically a monster.

Mimi said...

LOL'ing at comment above mine... there's a new Monster on SS called Abby Cadabby... she's cute!

Of course there are other SS characters... Ernie, Bert, Kermit and muppets too.... Like Animal and Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Beaker....

I love the muppets!

Sorry I've been MIA... been busy doing nothing...

lewister said...

Technically, Abby Cadabby isn't a monster. She's a fairy. Not entirely sure why they made her kind of fuzzy since she's not a monster. I guess she's not as furry as the monsters, but she's not smooth like Bert and Ernie, either. Hmmm. (She's my second favorite after Grover!!)

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