Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday- Finally

Welcome to FRIDAY. Are these weeks flying by fast for you too? Or is it just for me because I am only 12 days away from surgery now. I suddenly realize I have a zillion and one things to do before November 5th and only time for a million. Uh Oh.

Yesterday's mystery picture was this... A Praying Mantis. I tried to give you a little hint with the "say a prayer" comment. LOL Anyway I thought it was cute, I mean after all it has pink eyes. You should check out this blog, she has a ton of unusual pictures of knitted things there. The link is attached to the picture.

aka Blog Hopping and saying Hi to our friends.

Below is a cropped picture I snagged from a blog belonging to one of you who made a comment on yesterdays blog post.

Your mission is to visit the blogs and see where I found this. While you are visiting remember to drop them a note saying you were there, even if this picture doesn't belong to them. I enjoyed reading all the blogs this morning and there is always some cool stuff to be seen, from swap packages, to prize winnings, to live animals that produce fibers to unusual statues.

Post in the comment section today where you think this picture originated from and you will receive another entry in this weeks contest. Of course if you don't have time to blog hop today, that's OK too. Just leave your comment about anything and you'll be counted.

Remember even though no specific contest stuff happens over the weekend all weekend comments still count towards entries so feel free to come back and comment, OK?

I will leave you today with a final picture... Adam and his painted pumpkin.

Have a great day, we are off to the BIG POOL.


Turtle said...

ah nice pumpkin! love the praying mantis, close to a grasshopper!

SimplyMe said...

OMG is IS genetic......or a gender related thing. why, oh why do guys stick out their tongue in pictures. He is too funny. Nope, I don't see pride in his face, LOL.

I'm going to guess Wendy's blog without looking.

smariek said...

Adam is too cute, nice pumpkin too. Have fun at the pool, and have a wonderful weekend!

leah said...

I agree that this time of year there is never enough time!! What a joy Adam is!

Katie O said...

Hello!! I am saying its Wendy's blog... I think I saw that on her pages this week! :) enjoy the pool!

Georgi said...

The picture is from Wendy's blog, love the colors, makes me wish I could crochet.
Adam is so cute!

Kenyetta said...

Adam is getting so big!

sailorcross said...

I was so far off on my guess--I said a green octopus!!

I wanted to ask you--are you finished your shower gift for this weekend? I'm not, and I may just have to head off to the store later today to buy something :(

It's supposed to rain, heavy rain, all day today, so that will make me want to stay inside and work on this. I'm about half-way there, do you think I can finish it today!

Adam's pumpkin is adorable!! The artistic flare in your family is showing!!


Shannon said...

LOL - it's already been said but it's from Wendy's blog. (I'm a little late with this huh? :) )

Adam is a sweetheart! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Jane said...

A day late (and of course a $short,
I'll take everyone's word for it - it's from Wendy's blog!
Have a great weekend!

Claudia said...

Looks to me like it came from Wendy. :)

As for that praying mantis...I would have loved it except that the other day I had a REAL ONE sitting on the screen door of my front door and it scared the poop out of me! LOL

And thank you for the wonderful words you said in my blog. You made me cry and you made me want to hug you tight. *hugs*

hakucho said...

That praying mantis is very cool!!

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