Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday- Is The Winner YOU??? And a new POLL

Well it looks like Congratulations are in order for the winner of week three. It was a slow commenting week, only 52 comments over the 7 days, but hey I am so thankful for every comment received.

Regis has given this come considerable thought and out of the 52 comments he has decided on....
lucky COMMENT # 13

Now if you ask me many people think #13 is bad luck. I don't believe in bad luck. And if the world thinks 13 is unlucky then I consider it a GOOD number for me, because God says I live in the world but am not part of it.

Oh wait you wanted to know who the winner is not what I think about lucky numbers, LOL, so sorry.

The thirteenth comment came on Tuesday and was WENDY. Speaking of luck, or simply being in the right place at the right time, Wendy has been blessed in that area a lot. And I for one am glad. She has such a giving heart always giving to charities, that I believe she is simply getting a little of what goes around comes around today. Congratulations Wendy, enjoy the pattern you pick from Rachel.



I'd like to take a little poll this week

December is the next month with 31 days in it. I am game for having another contest that month if you would all still like me to. Sometimes December is just too busy for everyone so if you want to wait until January that is fine too.

I will post the poll here and then after today I will put it in the side bar as well . Any comments about it here today will count towards this weeks prize winner, so make sure to leave your comment, OK? Remember no answer is right or wrong and all you need to do is comment to get an entry today. It's that easy.


1) Please have the contest in DECEMBER, waiting until January would be TORTURE

2) Oh man I will be swamped in DECEMBER with the holidays, if I had to remember to comment everyday that would be TORTURE, so January is a great idea.

3) Why wait until DECEMBER, you should have a contest every month and TORTURE us all the time

4) DECEMBER or any other month of a contest is TORTURE, I vote you stop them forever, please!!!

Well there you go... now TORTURE me with your comments. LOL

Speaking of Contests... have you been checking out my side bar? There are several contest I find that I add onto there. I have seen many of you win so make sure you check them out. A couple new ones added include...

Bea's Abigal and Agustus VOTE
... she is a riot. And as you well know very talented so her prizes will ROCK. Make sure to go over there and play.

Also Emily (a fellow designer) is challenging herself to posting a new pattern everyday for as long as she can and there will be several chances to win patterns just for cheering her along. So please stop by her blog and do that, OK?

And these are just the two I added this weekend.

Well I guess that's about it for me this morning, Regis and I are going to get ready for the monster machines now.

Don't forget to comment and send your friends over too, especially if you want to TORTURE them, lol.


leah said...

Oh Dear Aunt Kathy! Contests anytime are fun! I know I've been lacking commenting last week. Life was a little crazy, but I keep reading (plus...I've already won so much I feel like others should win...hint, hint...if you draw my name pass it on to someone else) I just have been so blessed I think others should be as well!

SimplyMe said...

Congrats Wendy!!!

Okay, Emily is a RIOT. I can't wait until she posts today so I can add her to my annoy list.

Hummm. I think your contests are awful and annoying that I think you should do them every day of every month forever and ever. You know I love these things, and that I don't comment just cos I want other people to win. see, tis all good! And reading leah's comment up there, apparently, I'm not the only guilty and need help at receiving stuff people out there!

have a great swim!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the contests - even if I don't enter them as often as I should.

sailorcross said...

Oh torture me, please!!! That sounds a little sadistic, don't you think?

Really, I love your contests--but contests or not, I still love you and I would come and comment everyday regardless of contests!!

I feel like I'm visiting you when I stop by!!

Are you sure you're going to be feeling up to doing this in December with the surgery recuperation and preparation for Christmas?

You should do what you think is best for you!!


Wendy said...

Thank you so much...I want you to know it was torture having to choose which one I want, looked at John's Tractor for William, the teacher ones for Brooke's teachers, Country Hearts and then of course love the Christmas oven hanger ...BUT I think I have decided on "Angel Wings"...NOW for the contest..I LOVE them, but I think I can wait....I really think you just may not want to fool with it next month or in December. From what I heard from Scarlet, she had it pretty easy but her husband did not....SO what ever you decide is fine with me.....
BIG HUGS................

Turtle said...

congrats wendy! i agree, contests are fun but only if your having fun as well! So don't overextend yourself, we're always here!!

Kenyetta said...

Congrats Wendy!
I chose 3! or whatever is easiest on you

Katie O said...

I am always reading, so whenever you do the next one is fine by me... If you think december will be too much, then go with January, but i don't wanna discourage you from doing one in December either!! I'm with ya no matter what!

Mari said...

Love your contests. Not playing this month since I won not too long ago. :)

I would choose waiting til January. I know my online time is cut down during this month. :)

Maria said...

I think January only because of your surgery...BUT...I would love December!!! Whatever is best for you!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Wendy!!

I would vote for January. December is just an over the top month for me.

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