Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday- Hope is Here

Wow is it WEDNESDAY already? I think I lost a day somewhere. Oops.


Ahh what can I rhyme about for you today?
Sometimes it's not easy knowing what to say
I think I will quiz you on something new
Yes that's exactly what I am going to do
Can you name the people that use their brain
The creative side of course, they aren't insane
Thinking up things for us to do and make
With needles and yarn, not a hammer or rake
Their ideas are never ending and wonderful too
From cloths to scarves or hats and much more to do
I want you to guess both young and old timers
Who am I talking about, why of course they are ???

Post your answer to today's riddle in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember any comment counts even if you can't solve the riddle.

Now I know this is personal and I usually save personal for the weekend, but this is so important I had to share it today.

The 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Calendar of Hope is finally ready and for sale. It is filled with 13 brand new, never before published patterns by some wonderful designers. I am honored that they were able to use a pattern I designed as well.

This is my pattern I believe it's featured in the month of February. Right now this pattern is available only through the purchase of the calendar. You can click on the above picture to go to the site where you can get the calendar. Thirteen patterns for $15.00, and all profits go to support this wonderful cause. I think everyone wins with this deal.

Here is a peek at all the patterns found in the calendar. I hope you are able to purchase at least one for this cause. I know I am.

OK that's about it for me today.
I'll see everyone tomorrow hopefully in the morning and not late afternoon like today.
Sorry about that.



Jane said...

wonderful designers of course, like you! And your calendar dishcloth design is awesome! I will definitely be buying one of those calendars.

Kenyetta said...


Lil Knitter said...

The answer is designers.
I'm so excited that our calendar is finally up for sale. It's such a great feeling to know the money is going to a worthy cause.

Katie O said...

designers like you!!! YEA!! congrats on the pattern! what a great cause!

Claudia said...

Sure sounds like designers of knitted items to me. :) Where have I been that I didn't know about your contests? Well, I know now...

Hope that "Uncle Kathy" is doing well, too!!!!


Kims Kreations said...

Designers! Love your blog!

Kathie said...

That was fun, I'll have to bookmark this site. Thanks for letting us at TGR know about your blog!

Unknown said...

I like the cloths . . . all of them. Great job.

The answer is designers.

Turtle said...

designers like you!! the cloths are lovely, especially all together with the assortment of designs and shades!

Wendy said...

I did lose a day....woke up this morning thinking it was wednesday and here it is Thursday....boy I need a break...big time....

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