Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday- Happy Birthday Jim

Today is my sons 26th birthday. Yep my baby is now 9 years older then I was when I got married. How scary is that? I found this knitted cake on Flickr, isn't it cute?
(You can click on the picture to go to the owners photo stream Maybe there is a pattern somewhere for it.)

Ahh it's FRIDAY... Friday is one of my favorite contest days. I like it because I LOVE reading all your blogs and seeing all the things you are knitting up and reading about your lives. So on Friday I like to encourage blog hopping.

FRIDAY is find the Mystery Object Day.

Below you will see a cropped picture that I snagged from a blog belonging to someone who commented on Thursday. I will tell you it's a personal blog and that's your only hint. Some of us belong to more then one blog and that can be confusing so I only go to personal blogs.

Your mission today is to find the blog that this mystery photo came from. Post your guess/answer in the comment section today and you will receive another entry for this weeks prize. If you don't have time to blog hop today, that's OK just comment that you will look later, or not, any comment counts.

There are some great blogs out there and you miss out if you don't search them out. I have even visited blogs linked on blogs I visit... heck that's probably how I found most of you.

Make sure if you visit a blog, even if it's not the featured blog, leave a comment that you were there. Everyone loves to get comments, and we love to spread the joy, right?

Just a reminder there are no CONTEST assignments over the weekend, but I will continue to blog daily. And all comments received on the weekend will be included in the drawing for this weeks prize. Regis (my random number generator) is eager to announce the winner on Monday... so don't forget to comment.

Oh I joined a Carefree Holiday or Not KAL today. It started on October 1st and runs until November 30th. Thanks Maria for posting about it. The prizes are from Crystal Palace Yarns so it's gotta be good. You can visit the KAL blog here, and only 100 people can join, so if you are interested don't hesitate. If you join and say I sent you I get a better chance to win. I like that.

Ok time to get ready for ADAM, let the weekend begin.

See you later gators.


Katie O said...

I hope you have a great weekend. The cake is very cool :) gotta go to work, so no blog surfing for me! but its very pretty! :)

Lil Knitter said...

Happy Birthday to your son!!!
That photo is from Anita's blog.
I finally remembered to get your contest button back up. :P

SimplyMe said...

you b@@b

you had be upload all thos pictures and YOU USED SOMEBODY ELSES??? Grrrrr.

You got me good woman. We'll see how many things I can get open to try to find it.

TO THE MAKER, IF I CAN'T FIND YOU: (I need a new computer....snails run faster than this beast) Excellent job!

Unknown said...

Gee, I almost missed it . . . Anita . . . hmmmmm . . .

I also joined the Carefree Holiday KAL. I had finished Zachariah's Elf hat but wasn't motivated to do the one for Mary. I had cast on at work on Tuesday but then was chatting and not focusing and it wasn't until I had the ribbing done that I realized that the thing was just toooooo huge for her little head!

I cast on again today.

RoamingKnitter said...

What a great bag on Anita's blog! I am such a bag lover. No more KALs for me. I am so over committed that I may need to be committed.

Unknown said...

I love the cropped pic you did of the needle felting. My swapee would be proud indeed. Now I need to post some of my own FO's!

Jane said...

Hah! and you call me an enabler!
I had to sign up for the Carefree Holiday or not KAL too!
Oh - and like everyone else said, that was from Anita's blog, which I really am going to visit.
Happy birthday to your son - have a fun weekend with Adam.

sailorcross said...

Happy Birthday to Jim!!!

I'm have to go make something to take to a gathering of my group tonight, so I don't have time to blog hop! But, I promise I will later and take a look around!!

Have a wonderful rest of the day!!


Prairiemouse said...

Hey Kathy been a long time since we have chatted glad to see things are still movin along. Happy Birthday to your son. Hope to hear from you soon.


Maria said...

That's what I say..."Let the weekend begin!!"....have a great one!

Kenyetta said...

Beautiful bag Anita!
Have a good weekend!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi, I'm back from running over to try and join the Carefree KAL. Thank you for the link! Cool.
Oh, I gotta win the ice cream cone pattern from Rachel. Cool prizes!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to tell you that I sent an e-mail to join the holiday KAL. I'm going to be knitting for Christmas anyway, so a little added incentive always helps, right?

And I did tell Laura that you sent me--extra points for you!!


hakucho said...

I remember seeing that bag on Anita's blog. Love it :)

...and love that birthday cake! Happy birthday to your son, a little late :)

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Jim!

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