Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday- Worn Out or Workout or BOTH??

Guess I am more tired then I thought. I somehow managed to swim my mile this morning and go to therapy and work on the monster machines and take care of Adam after school, but geez I am tired. Figured I had better blog before I suddenly realize I have missed a day and ruined my 365 posts in a row.

Let's do some CONTEST stuff first...


Below I will post a riddle and your mission is to solve it. Are you ready? GO GO GO

I had a plan, something I wanted to make
A fun project, it would be a piece of cake
In the colors I love who could ask for more
It's the kind of project a knitter lives for
I got my needles and pattern all set
Then suddenly I had a moment of regret
And out of my mouth came the word darn
When suddenly I realized I had lost my ???

Now post your answer in the comment section to receive an entry in this weeks contest. Right or wrong your comment counts so please leave one.

Now for some knitting stuff

I received my second sock of the month club shipment the other day. Oh I so want to start knitting socks again. I now have two of these patterns to go. Hopefully these will become my passion while I am recovering from surgery in the winter months.

The yarn is Panda Wool, from Crystal Palace Yarns and the color is called Violet

This is the sock pattern to go with the yarn, the pattern in called Violets in Autumn and I believe they were designed by Laura Anderson.

I tried to take a picture of the pattern page and this was the best I could do. I am pretty sure the only way to get this right now is through this sock club... it's at the

And lastly Adam did a little YARN work today at school, here is his masterpiece.

Have a great rest of the day.
See you on Thursday... probably a late post again as I want to swim in the morning and I have a DR appt at 10:30am.

Oh yeah, one more thing... I added another contest to my side bar... it's for a free JUICER, and it looks like a really nice one too. Make sure to check it out it's only there for a week.


Jane said...

You have way more energy than I do! But how could you lose your YARN? That is very pretty sock yarn - I love the colors!

leah said...

Love the YARN!!! I think you will get addicted to socks soon enough....I know I am!

Anonymous said...

Win Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End DVD

SimplyMe said...

Yarn. Even Adam's into the YARN.

LOVE that sotm club shipment. Beeeeeautiful

smariek said...

Yarn! I've actually lost yarn. A whole bag's worth. And I KNOW that I had a bag of this yarn, but after turning the house inside out, it still hasn't turned up...

Love seeing Adam's art. You must look forward to what he brings home next.

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

Of course you're tired!! You just had a procedure done yesterday, didn't you? That takes more out of you than you can even imagine.

But, look at you--you still did your swimming, your monster machines and took care of Adam!!

You are an amazement to me!!

But, don't push yourself too hard. You need to be in good shape for your special day!!

And, don't fret--I've lost yarn, too!! How?? I just don't know, I just did!

Love the sock yarn and the picture of the completed sock. I joined this club, too--I'm receiving on the months you're not.

Back to socks--maybe after Christmas when things settle down a little!

Love 'ya so much!!


Unknown said...

You lost your yarn???!!!??? How sad for you.

I ended up cleaning my closet yesterday because I have lost the body of Zachariah's sweater!

love the sock yarn and I am actually, knitting a sock.

Marti said...

You lost your YAEN? DOn't worry it will show up.
Miss seeing you at my blog. Guess I should update it more huh?

Katie O said...

I hate when that yarn runs away!!!!! Yarn can be so elusive and sneaky!!!

Maria said...

Yarn! Yarn, yarn. Yarn, yarn. yarn. yarn.

Maria said...

That Panda wool in violet is really pretty! i just love purple!

hakucho said...

Love your new sock yarn! Yes, some sock knitting will definitely keep you out of trouble when you are recovering :)

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