Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday- Finishing Off The Week

Friday, are you happy it's finally here? I am because it means I am one day closer to my new life.


Below you will see a picture I snagged and cropped from one of your blogs. If you commented yesterday then there is a chance it might be something you made.

To earn another entry in this weeks contest see if you can find the blog it belongs to. As always I chose the picture from someones blog who commented on Thursday. And I only choose from a personal blog to save you from having to sift through too many.
If you don't have time to blog hop, no worries. Any comment counts, but if you can visit the blogs you never know what treasures you might find out there.

Oh and make sure to say HI to let them know you were there.

No contest stuff on the weekends, I just usually blog some personal stuff, but if you still come by and comment they will count towards the contest.

Adam and I are heading out to physical therapy and then to the BIG POOL to chill out.

See you all Saturday.


SimplyMe said...

Have fun @ the pool, and with the monster machines!

those are Jane's adorable pumpkins!

Turtle said...

cute pumpkins! enjoy the weekend!

Katie O said...

They look super cute, whoever made them, great job!!! I'm at work, so no time for blog hopping... Have a good weekend!

Jane said...

Those are MY pumpkins! Well - actually they belong to my grandchildren now!

Wendy said...

Ok I did blog hop and I did find them on Jane's blog, and then I went to add my comment and see I was right...because she said they are hers.....
Hope you have a great day.

sailorcross said...

What cute pumpkins!! I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, as always (at least, that what's Grandma always told me!!)

Hope you had a wonderful time swimming away!!


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