Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday- Looky here.. Isn't that cute?

I need a couple extra hours in my morning, or I need to stop falling asleep so early, lol so I can blog earlier.

Friday is Find the Project Day AKA Blog Hopping

Below I will show a cropped photo that I snagged from one of your blogs. If you look to see who commented yesterday that will give you a hint as to whose blogs I visited to choose from. I only go to personal blogs, no group blogs or pattern blogs so that should help you refine your search.

So here's the picture... no go find it...

Post where you found this in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest.
And while you are visiting the blogs make sure to say HI to them, you know we all love to get a comment when we blog. If you don't have time to blog hop today that's OK, any comment today will get you that entry and then maybe you can blog hop over the weekend.

Oh by the way I see Rachel has added three new patterns to her site this week... so even more great patterns to choose from.

There are no contest assignments on the weekend, I just blog about personal stuff, but all comments received over the weekend are also counted so I hope you'll still stop by.

I've been knitting this week so I hope to show off some of my own finished projects this weekend.

Adam sends a wave.



Anonymous said...

What a precious grandson you have! I love your dishcloth patterns, and Rachel's, too. Would be cool to win a pattern.

Turtle said...

adams art is cute! i am horrible at locating pics! packing to go away for a few days..hubby is planning a few days for our anniversary!

Unknown said...

Awwww how cute is that??? Give Adam a hug for me.
Hey you can come and be my first follower on my blog now!! woohooo

Kenyetta said...

That is soo cute!
smiling extra hard

Wendy said...

That is from Kenyetta's blog. Kids are so precious and so genuine. Why can we all not be like children...
Big Hugs

Jane said...

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Lil Knitter said...

The photo is from Kenyetta's blog.
That is so it a scarecrow? Don't you just love getting the art they create?

Katie O said...

Kenyetta's blog it is from... say hi to adam for me!! :) hugs:)

Wildflower said...

It is from Kenyetta's blog.

smariek said...

Love Adam's artwork. Kids create such neat things in their interpretation of the world.

sailorcross said...

I'm like a little bunny--I hopped and hopped and finally found that picture at Kenyetta's place!! It's her couch!! And left her a comment, too!!

Love your trackers--aren't they just the neatest things?

I love Adam's school artwork--kids can be so creative--of, course, he comes from an artistic family!

I still have some Christmas tree ornaments that my kids made in school, and every year they moan and groan--"No, we don't have to put THAT on the tree, do we?"

And, yes, we do!!


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