Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday- Clearing My Throat...AHEM

Back from my first Endoscopy. I am sure glad that's over. So let me clear my throat for a minute and I'll get right to the contest stuff for TUESDAY

Do you like WAFFLES???

Well this little guy here is doing the "Happy Waffle Dance" because today, TUESDAY, is

The stitch I am presenting today is the {{{{drum roll please}}}

(bet you saw that coming huh?)

This is done in multiples of 3
(I can't show you my sample as my son took his camera to school today, oh the nerve. {{sigh}})

This stitch can be done with or without a border. So if you want to add a border adjust the CO number to reflect those extra stitches. And remember to do extra border rows at the beginning and the end.

Pattern is as follows:

Row 1- (K2, P1) across
Row 2- (K1, P2) across
Row 3- (K2, P1) across
Row 4- Knit across

Repeat rows 1-4 as many times as needed ending with Row 4.

Now go on, get on those WAFFLE sneakers and get knitting, LOL

Post in the comment section today what you think about this stitch. You know the one I can't show you until tomorrow, lol. Have you made this stitch before? What kind of project? Do you like it, hate it, don't care one way or another? Whatever... any old comment will get you another entry in this weeks contest.

Tomorrow I'll post a picture of my swatch, and who knows maybe I'll do a whole dishcloth too. I really like the stitch. I think it would make a great scarf too. Perhaps my second Special Olympics scarf???

See you tomorrow


SimplyMe said...

This is very close to the stitch I do on dishcloths and the scarf I did last winter. LOVE IT!!!


Gotta let the plumber in. whooo hoooo

Wendy said...

I tried the stitch and really like it, but as usual I did not get much of it done, because the kids would not leave me alone, and this one takes concentration for me to remember what I am doing.....
Big Hugs.......Hope your throat does not hurt tooooo much........

hakucho said...

I love the waffle stitch. I made a towel using the stitch pattern a while back and I love how it turned out. Glad your endoscopy is over...yay :)

Kenyetta said...

I made a sweater with a similar stitch!

sailorcross said...

I have to get a pair of those waffle sneakers!!! What in the world!!

Anyway, I've never done this waffle stitch, but I think I'm going to try it out on a traveling scarf that I need to finish and mail out this weekend!!

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures of it because then it won't be a surprise to the owner. But you can see mine!! It came home yesterday!!

Glad your endoscopy is over and I hope your throat isn't too irritated!! One more step toward the end result!! YEAH!!!


Marti said...

I havent tried this yet but would like to.

Turtle said...

lol at the waffle sneakers!

Katie O said...

I've done that stitch before... it does have a great look to it!!

Maria said...

I won't waffle on this one...I have to try this !

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