Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday- What Happened To Summer?

OK how is it I can go from this...and the air conditioner running

to this....
In just one day??? What happened to SUMMER?

Thank you all for bearing with me through my story yesterday. I was a little afraid I might scare you all off, but a promise is a promise, right? I have a zillion more stories, maybe one day I'll write them all down... there was the time I fell down a flight of stairs after a Mai Tai lunch with a skirt on and high heeled boots and no under clothes, and my mom and a strange man right behind me. Or the time I forgot and went to work in my bare feet, how do you forget shoes? Or the time I shut my boob in the desk drawer and couldn't explain to my male boss why I screamed and was crying. Oh and that's just the tip of the ice burg for me... I know you want more now, don't you???

But this is a contest month... so you'll just have to wait, lol.


I woke up this morning to frost on the ground
The sky was blue not a single cloud around
The temperature is in the forties, burr it's cold
It's still Summer, at least that's what I was told
In Summer I like to knit dishcloths and socks
Those light small projects, yes they just rock
So I am confused, hard to believe I know
Do I stay with socks or onto blankets go?
If we were in October and the season Fall
I'd be thinking about making myself a ????

Go ahead, take a stab at my riddle and post your guess in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. You don;t have to be right, but I am sure you all know what the answer is. However if you just want to comment on something else, like pleading with me to tell yet another embarrassing story, go for it. LOL All you really need to do is comment.

On a brighter note (as if that wasn't bright enough, lol) my DR follow up with the surgeon went wonderful yesterday. I lost another 6 pounds and have hope that we might be able to schedule the surgery for my birthday in November. Not set in stone, but not out of the question.

I finished 2 more squares, I need to pick up the pace. Today is water therapy, church and it's my night to preach... I of course have prepared NOTHING. You think the tampon story would work??? Oh God, I am in trouble.

See you tomorrow.
Stay warm if you can



leah said...

Shawl!! I wish it was the cool here. Can you tell I long for winter now that I will in Louisiana? :)

Jane said...

I could use a shawl this morning too,
This cool weather is making me blue.
The leaves are already beginning to turn,
Soon the woodstoves will begin to burn.
Why is it that summer is so short and winter seems to never end?
Must be because I live in Maine,
And that's my poem back to you my friend!

Congratulations on your weight loss - although it doesn't sound like a fun way to spend a birthday, I know you are looking forward to it. As for your sermon tonight - I think the one about falling down the stairs with no underwear on might work!

Katie O said...

Shawl!! One of these days i will finish one!! I only have 3 going right now!! lol. HOpe you have a good day... great job on the weight loss:)

Unknown said...


You seriously had frost? Wow. I begged hubby to take the AC out of the window since it finally cooled down enough for me, then it got really hot again. I'd take that frost for you...but then give it right back. Too soon to think of the cold weather! Brrr.

Now how could you relate the tampon story into a sermon? Hmmmm...

Wendy said...

"Shawl" We did not have frost, but we did have a very heay dew...It was glorious to keep the windows open, and acutally get a little chilled and use the blankies....I am so ready to be done with hot...I love to have my windows open, especially when it is nice and breezy....
Great job on the weight........

Turtle said...

Oooh that one took me a sec but...shawl! Wow you are cruising on those squares! i am planning to knit a little soon, took daughter tot he high school to do yearbook pics this morning, then had a client and marked out the rest of the day. Off to the vet's soon for pup to have her nails trimmed. Sad, i am a nail tech but cannot trim my dogs nails! I always cut her and make her bleed or the nails split, so i pay to have them done at the vets!Daughters boyfriend came over to help me lift her into the jeep, lol, poor gy always ends up helping me do the vet thing! Then i am free to knit, yeah! Our temps are about low to mid 60's today and it poured poured poured last night (and supposed to again soon). We needed it though! did you seriously have frost??

sailorcross said...

And the answer is......SHAWL!! I've never made one or even had one, but I would love to try to make one someday (what day is some day??) had frost?? We didn't have frost, but it was only 54 when I woke up this morning. I think the weather is confused, and we actually had August in July and October in August. Who knows what September will bring??

As for church tonight, I think that the boob shutting in the drawer incident should interest everyone!! Your message could be titled "Pain and Suffering!"


hakucho said...

I can't believe that the summer is almost gone. School starts Tues. ugh!!

Congrats on the huge weight loss...that's fabulous. Good luck :)

Kenyetta said...

Is it Shawl? I have been wanting to make one too...

Lil Knitter said...

A shawl!
Sorry I've been MIA...two sicks kids has really kept me busy.
Good to hear you're doing well with your weight loss.
Man, I wish we had some cooler weather here and some rain. We've officially reached that Drought Level not good.
Off to try to and get myself some rest now since the kids are feeling better.

SimplyMe said...

are you for real thinking about making a shawl or was that just for the riddle????

Send some cooler air, would ya? Actually, highs in the 70's this weekend. I'm in HEAVEN!!!

Next year, September, Costumes, and the renaissance fair (if I can stand it) are you in?

Unknown said...

shawl . . .

I do enjoy your stories.

This morning as I waited for the bus, I thought that I need to break out my jacket or . . . drum roll . . . make myself a shawl. Ta da!

Congrats on the weight loss.

Anonymous said...

OOH, I cannot WAIT to see frost. I'll guess shawl--I wish I could knit one!


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