Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday- Good, to Bad to Great Yeah... that was my day

Well yesterday started out to be a good day, got bad and then got great. I am glad it's over, but even gladder that I experienced it because it made me stronger.

I'll probably go into more details over the weekend.

I didn't knit or crochet a single thing though so I have a lot to do today for sure.

As for the frost... I don't think we really had frost, but it was only 40 degrees when I woke up yesterday. It felt cold enough to have frost.

Yes the answer to yesterdays Riddle was SHAWL. And NO I have never knit one. I might give it a try one day. Maybe.



Take a look at this picture (if you click on it you can see other views of this amazing real photo and read the story behind it)

To get another entry in this weeks contest all you need to do is think up a caption for this amazing photo and post it in the comment section. OK really all you need to do is leave a comment you don't really need a caption, but come on you got one rolling around in your brain already don't you?

Not much else to blog today. I am behind the gun and need to get things moving.

Remember out of all the comments received today I will choose one blog for a featured finished object. So if you have any new stuff to post, finished Ravelolympic projects etc. today is the day.

And just a word of encouragement for you... even when things seem to be going all wrong, don't give up, don't quit... if we prevail and overcome, we will inherit ALL things. God's word says so, and if God said it, I believe it and that settles it.

Rev 21:7
He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.


leah said...

Can't wait to hear about your day yesterday!

Wendy said...

"The New Age of Oil Boycotting"
Hope you have a great day today.........

Lil Knitter said...

I saw that photo she dedicated or what? lol
Glad your day ended great. Things are looking up feeling better. YAY!!!!

Unknown said...

I am definitely interested to hear about your day. I did some knitting yesterday, but need to get these socks done so I can start on some charity knitting.

Have a great day!!

Unknown said...

CAn't think of a caption for the photo but thinking about my limits, I think I might have took on a bigger project than I can do with the ms4. The yarn is so tiny and my needles need to be sharper to pick up the stitches. yikes!!
Hugs Patt

Katie O said...

Well, hopefully today will be a better day. Still watching many olympic sports and loving it all. At least we have it every 2 years with the stagger of summer and winter. Hooray! Talk to you soon.

Awesome Mom said...

Sarah took her stash busting a bit too far.

Jane said...

"Extreme Makover goes over the top"

I'm glad that your day got better!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

I sure will be interested in hearing about your day--good, bad, worse, then excellent? Sounds compelling!!

As for a caption, I'm not really good at these things--the only thing I can think of is "Comfort Station"--since it is a gas station and knitting and fibers are so comforting.


SimplyMe said...

Madge..the gas station owner's wife, decided to knit a cozy for the gas station, to combat rising fuel prices.

Anonymous said...

non blogging lurker here, just couldn't resist a caption.....

You've heard of Joseph's Coat of many colors.....well here is his gas station.


BellaMama said...

Just leaving a comment. I can't think of anything funny for that pic except, "see what happens when you give a knitter an inch!"

I'm encouraged by reading the verses you put up-Thank you!


Unknown said...

I know that this is being posted on it a day late, but that garage is a blast. "Urban renewal . . . taken to a higher plane."

Take care.

katerina said...

"Kathy was sad to find she was still only halfway through her stash - maybe she DID have more yarn than she could knit in a lifetime."

Turtle said...

Kat, it's a new day, and friday! (ok just my thursday but close enough) Hmmm, "a tightly stitched community" as my caption. very cool!

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