Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Madness

This is going to be a crazy week for me. I will have Adam almost everyday (not Wednesday) this week. It's going to be fun working through my therapy sessions at the Y and my 2 DR appt's this week. It's MADNESS I tell you MADNESS. But who cares, it's all worth it when I get an Adam Hug.

Well we had 111 total comments last week, an increase of 3 from the week before. Nice job everyone. I should be keeping track but I haven't on how many new visitors I have had... I saw several new names this week and that's great. I hope to see them returning again for more contests. If I had unlimited access to funds I'd have a contest all the time... I just love giving you all the prizes.

So let's get to the winner right away today... sending off the balloons to celebrate the winner

CONGRATULATIONS LEAH !!! You were the winning comment (#56) for the Knitters Gadget Jackpot. Drop me an email at gimpykatk at AOL or through Ravelry with your mailing info. I will get the package out to you right away.

MONDAYS CONTEST ASSIGNMENT... Monday is Making Memories Day...

All week long I do all the talking, today it's your turn... tell us what you are working on, did you find a pattern you just have to try, maybe you discovered a new yarn... whatever... post something in the comments section and receive an entry in this weeks contest.

This weeks contest prize (a last minute throw together, time got away from me) is 2 skeins Strata self striping yarn (It's red heart but it really works up pretty and would make a nice scarf, hat or slippers socks, with 2 skeins maybe even 2 of those three things.) The color is called "SURF" so even though it's a winterly type yarn it has a summery name. LOL Also included is a new pair of Susan Bates size 8 knitting needles. I have made several pairs of slipper socks from this yarn just not this color (you can see some of them in my ETSY store)

Here is a picture of the prize package.

Just a reminder as well about that Quirky tag thing I posted yesterday... I don't like to impose on people so I won't tag anyone but should you decide to tag yourself you will receive double entries all week long. Might be an incentive to play along, right?

I have started to turn the heel on my socks. The scarf is quite long now and I am feeling the need to make a dishcloth or two this week.

I am doing a tutorial on dishcloth designing still this week, so I will be busy with that too.
Busy is good... not too busy but enough to keep me out of trouble, right?

Have a wonderful Monday... don't let the Madness of this world get to you, we have overcome the world, right? RIGHT!
1Jo 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.



SimplyMe said...

Whooo hoooo! First to post today. That doesn't happen often.

Love that color on surf yarn. What a surprise...NOT! LOL.

Current project: the socks I'm making up......I modified the pattern for impresssionist socks off of ravelry (okay, stole the lace pattern and worked it into a panel) with some bare from knitpicks that I dyed the day Mother had her surgery. I bet you want me to put a pic on my blog, huh? Yeah, I'll get to that. Maybe tomorrow. Give Adam a big hug from me too!

leah said...

Wohoo! I won!!! What a nice perk....I would be reading and commenting anyway! :) I am working on my Secret Prayer Swap Socks (so hard to not talk about it) and have pulled out my sewing machine to make a skirt!

Jane said...

I finished my Irish Hiking Scarf - one Christmas gift finished! Started another scarf with a lace pattern....and last but not least, charted a butterfly under the direction of dear Aunt Kathy.

teabird said...

This week, I'm doing some swatching for a shawl. Yesterday, at my Rav group, I did a few rows of Knitt's Cozy in KnitPicks burgundy Shine. The yarn is beautiful, and the pattern will be easy once I chart it out, but I used WAY too small of a needle. Usually I'm a very loose knitter. For some reason... So I may end up using the recommended size. Now that would be unusual!

Unknown said...

I'm plugging away on my clap. Almost halfway done with the straight section. Once I get to decreasing, it will fly off the needles.

Hobby Lobby has a new cotton yarn made by Yarn Bee on sale this week, might have to go get me a skein or two to try out.

Have fun with Adam!!

Turtle said...

very summerey strata color yarn. i used the pink once and it does knit up very pretty.
yep, sounds like a busy week for you!
lol, hmmm. making memories. well, we did have the inlaws over for a bbq yesterday. it is the first time in just over a month since they have been over. dad fell off a ladder a good number of weeks ago and has only had the use of his arm back for a week now since surgeries etc. So it was nice, they love to come to our home vs us to theirs...the lake, the yard, hubbys grilling etc! the second daughter was over as well(daughters best friend) and hubby and the girls got haircuts from my mother in law who for allergy reasons had to retire last year, so she loved getting to cut and play! i am just busy working on the same old projects trying to finish them before the shawl KAL starts mid month as well as keeping up with weeds out back, must trim a few trees today, run the girls tot he high school pool to hang out some, library etc. then, sigh, back to work tomorrow!

RoamingKnitter said...

Congrats, winner Leah.

In January I knit myself some house socks from Moda Dea Sassy Stripes that are the same colorway as the Strata so you can tell I like it. On Sat my son asked if I would knit him a pair of house socks so if I don't win the Strata I will be shopping for some. :-)

Finishing the 1Bag shopping bag and a kid's hat for charity.

Have lots of fun with Adam.

Mimi said...

Pretty yarn.

I'm still working on that sweater for DH. I didn't work on it much this weekend... had kids playrooms to clean out!

magnoliasntea said...

Congrats, Leah!!!

I'm sewing up a storm this week making knitting totes. If you haven't done it yet, check out my blog post for the first of them & for the dishrag tag, the sequel link, Y'all.

Katie O said...

I am working on the unbiased bag(found on rave) and I finished some fetchings. I got a care package with some yummy yarns to try and that is what I am making. I'm also working on my civil war shawl, a prayer shawl for my grandma and another Lorin bag. Whew! But I have nothing better to do, so bring it on!!

Lil Knitter said...

YAY, Leah!!!
I love that Strata makes a nice bag too., you're working that sock up fast this time.
The scarf is going to be so pretty. I do like that color.

Okay, I'm off to try that little Meme...if I can think of anything. :P

Share said...

Congrats Leah! :D

I'm rushing to finish 3 Buddy Bags and 2 Nap Sacks, prepping for the Ravelympics, and packing for vacation. I think that's enough for this week. LOL

Have fun with Adam this week!

Wendy said... my days are going all wrong lately I tried to post earlier but was unable...LETS see I am working on 10 inch squares at the moment..was hoping to get them all mailed out next weekend...BUT that will probably not happen..That is what I get for joining a swap with 24 other ladies and we each are making squares to be sent to the time we get them all we will have 25 10 inch squares to make our selfs and afghan of fellowship, love and hugs........
I am getting ready to blog....Jack went to the doctors this morning...
Big Hugs. and if he was not here I would call to talk....BUT not with ears here........

Wendy said...

Oh shucks forgot to send congrats to Leah.........

sailorcross said...

Congratulations, Leah!!

Adam all week except for Wednesday?? You are lucky!! Yes, it will be hard to juggle appts., etc., but you can do it!! I know you can!!

This week--I didn't really accomplish too much except for a couple of dishcloths and those really great hotpads for my daughter. Too busy with her visiting!!

Now, I'm feeling better today, out for a meeting tonight. So, tomorrow I'll get back on my normal schedule again and see what I can get accomplished!


Mary Ann said...

Congradulations Leah!

That yarn is beautiful Kathy! Right now I'm working on a pineapple scarf that has a hat to go with it. I'm making it in the suede turquoise yarn that "someone" sent to me. It looks fabulous!! I'm also finishing up the thread snowmen for my friend by making the hats and scarves. I've got 3 hats and 6 scarves to make. Then I have the bell project to do for her. I want to get all of this finished before the Ravelympics so that I can concentrate on my fingerless glove pattern!

I'm off to fix dinner, then crochet some more!

Kenyetta said...

I am so happy for you- enjoy Adam!
I am trying to get a sweater right for my oldest then I am helping a friend work on her patterns.

Anonymous said...

I found the sweetest little baby booties to knit...I just need to find the perfect yarn to accomplish the job...and a baby to wear the adorable creations...Lord willing, I will be having my own soon...sometimes it is hard to wait. But, well worth it, I know!


Unknown said...

Good morning! (It is Tuesday)

I am getting my stuff together for the Ravelmpics (or however you spell it). I am in two events but the first one is the bag that I am making for a friend of mine. I have the yarn, pattern and needles and just have to wait for the Olympics to start (Friday) to get going.

I am also working on a bowl out of KnitPicks Memories. It is a great little knit thing and makes a nice small bowl to hold this and that in. I want to have that done by Friday before the Olympics start.

Silverstah said...

My husband and I are FINALLY going to start trying to have a baby in January - and since we're planning on cloth diapering, I've started to knit up a few baby butt covers (as the hubby likes to call 'em! *grin*). They're simple, quick, and a great way to use up lots of little odds and ends of yarn. This project also taught me the kitchener stitch, which is just one more stitch to add to my arsenal. :)

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