Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday- Surprise...Swimming To the Gold

Well last night I finished stitching the blankets together, and this morning I did the crochet borders before I went to church. Here are the finished products. I will be mailing them to Maggie at Close Knit Hugs tomorrow.

This is the eight inch squares blanketAnd these are the 9 1/2 inch squares
Sorry about the light issues in the photos, I had my son hold them up so I could snap a quick photo so I could blog before Sunday was over already. LOL And well you can see it wasn't the best conditions for picture taking.

Not sure if you remember but I said I received 2 packages last week. One I posted yesterday and the other was the Honeysuckle sock yarn I bought from Cinders. It's even prettier then I hoped it would be. Now to find the perfect sock pattern to knit it up into.
We had a surprise visit at church today, my friends Ruth and Dave, who used to live here locally and moved down South, currently in Savannah Georgia we there. Now I talk to Ruth on the phone everyday and she told me they were going to North Carolina this weekend, the little sneak. LOL. Anyway I haven't seen them in 2 years and it was a great surprise. I am hoping we can get together one night this week and go to dinner before they head back home again.

Another surprise... Adam called. He wanted to see Nana (that's me, lol) So I picked him up after church and we took a trip to the Y for a 2 1/2 hour play date in the pool. This time I got him to wear the safety belt and he had a ball. He was swimming everywhere. He's laying next to me now watching Diego save the dinosaur. He already watched Diego save the moon. LOL, great TV going on at Nana's house. I know you are all jealous.

Now that the squares are done I am going to work on a couple designs I have in my head for dishcloths and I need to make up some snowman scarves for the ETSY store and there are the Red Scarves too. Never a lack of things to be done around here.

I'll see you all tomorrow when I announce the winner of the stitch markers from this weeks contest and start the final week of the 2 month long contest. I am always sad to see them end, but I know the break is good for us all, lol.

Make sure you stick around in September though as I am going to run a poll regarding prizes for some of the upcoming contests (October and December and January) I have a few thoughts and I'd like to know what you all think about them.

Ok I guess that's it. Hope your day was filled with surprises and laughter.



leah said...

your afghans look amazing!!!! so happy you got to spend the weekend with family and dear friends!

Katie O said...

the blankets are beautiful!! Glad you got some Adam time... i know how much that just makes your day!!!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

Your afghans are beautiful!! How you managed to get all of that achieved from yesterday I just can even imagine!!

And time with Adam--how wonderful!! Glad your friends planned a little surprise visit for you. I hope you get to spend some time with them before the week is over.

And that yarn--just gorgeous. I wish I could feel it from here!! I have a thing about feeling yarn--anybody else feel that way or is it just me!!

Talk to you soon!


Unknown said...

great job on the afghans! Sounds like you had a busy day. my little guy likes Diego too.

teabird said...

The afghans are beautiful! Wow!

Kenyetta said...

OMG! The afghans and sock are so gorgeous!
I am glad you have fun with Adam today, enjoy it!

Wendy said...

The afghans are great...Job well done my friend.....and I am drooling over the sock yarn...You know I have a ton of yarn, but would so love to be able to go yarn get the colors and kinds I want...I love my yarn that so many have sent me, but it is not the same...I am glad you got to see Adam today...
Many Hugs

Turtle said...

wow kat they look great! so productive!! Not any knitting done far!! But did get more berries frozen (blue, black & straw), tomatoes brought inside to ripen before the rain started, and lots of ipckles, peach salsa & peach & lavendar jam made. Started the soft chive cheese just now. Am going to knit some soon though. As soon as the dinner dishes are done...gotta love it when the kids help out cleaning! smile, enjoy your day!

Awesome Mom said...

The afghans look great! Have fun with that yarn. There are so many great sock patterns out there that it is hard to choose.

smariek said...

It's always wonderful to be able to spend time with your grandson. You've really been busy with all that seaming! They both look great!

Anonymous said...

wow... your blanket looks really beautiful

Greetings Pe

Jane said...

The blankets are great! Congratulations to you on reaching the finish line! I bet that it is more fun to swim with Adam than to swim alone. He's so lucky to have a Nana that comes to get him whenever he calls.
Oh - and I have a new charity project for you - check my blog LOL

Lil Knitter said...

The afghans are awesome!
Love that yummy sock yarn!

Okay, now you're gonna have to start remembering that kitchener stitch. You'll need it on some of those sock toes. :P


hakucho said...

Your blankets are VERY VERY impressive. I can't believe how fast you did the sewing...awesome :)

I wonder what pattern you'll pick for your pretty new sock yarn???

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