Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday- It's Going To be A GREAT Day

OK the graph I posted yesterday was not exactly right. I have made the corrections and decided to knit up the dishcloth this morning. It's not blocked but I am very pleased with the final outcome. I will be posting the written pattern up on my pattern blog today. It's a freebie so feel free to knit one up for those special women you know and love.

I have hopefully some GREAT news. There are several issues I have been lifting up in prayer and today within the last 2 hours I think two of them will be answered before the end of the day.
I won't give details yet, but they are HUGE and I am singing PRAISES this morning. GOD is so GOOD.



Below is a picture of a stash of SOCK yarn. Who wouldn't die to have this stash? I know I would.
Your mission is to guess how many skeins/balls of sock yarn are pictured here.
Post your guess in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember your guess doesn't have to be correct you just have to leave a comment. Have fun, let's see if someone can guess the exact number this time.

By the way Bea has been making up some new bags and hopefully will have the selection in the ETSY store over the holiday weekend. So the winner should have a nice selection to choose from.

Oh and as for yesterdays RIDDLE, yes the answer was DESIGNER. I guess I stumped a few of you because although the riddle was a rhyme the answer was not part of the rhyme like it usually is. I hope you enjoyed it though, RIDDLE day is one of my favorite contest days. It's the POET in me.

Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner with good friends who are in town this week. They used to live here but are currently living in Savannah GA. I haven't been out to eat in a restaurant since before Christmas last year, so this will be a real treat.

Oh and update on water therapy. I so love the pool. Yesterday I again swam 18 laps (1/2 mile) but I swam the first 9 laps (450 yards) non stop. I can remember when I first started I couldn't swim one lap without feeling like I couldn't breathe or move. Now I am barely out of breath after 9 laps. It's amazing. I also did 50 pull ups, yeah my flabby arms are toning right up. In church one Wednesday night the pastors daughter prayed that the "spirit of fitness" would come upon me, and guess what? I think it did. No I KNOW it did. Now there's a prayer we should all want a part of.

OK off to get ready for the day. Lot's to do. May God shine His blessing on you today and bring a quick answer to your prayers too. Amen.

Psa 47:6 Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.


leah said...

Even without details I am praising our amazing God with you!!!!

Your sock yarn stash looks awesome! 35 skeins?

Love! Love! the dishcloth! Something I would definitely make!

Katie O said...

I guess 43... i can't wait to hear the good news.... Darn you for keeping secrets!!!! LOL!! Can't wait to hear the news... :)

Lil Knitter said...

26...and YAY! for your prayers being answered.
I knew that cloth would look great knitted up. I really like that design. Considering the inspiration behind it, I'm betting it will become a popular design. WTG!


SimplyMe said...


Wow. You have some awesome yarn sitting there girl. Time to KNIT IT UP!!!!!!!

Have fun @ dinner tonight. It's been FOREVER since you've done that. Enjoy!!!!

Sew Many Stitches said...

Good for you! Sounds like you are doing so good in your water therapy - you keep it up too! Have a great time at your dinner tonight - your friends do not live that far from me - about 3 hours south of here. I love Savannah!

Ok, my guess is 43

Have a great day and will read again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

My guess i 48. Thanks for the contest.

Awesome Mom said...

I am going to guess 40ish since it looks like a pretty deep container. My husband is always complaining about my modest stash. I need to show him some of the amazing stashes I have seen pictures of.

Unknown said...

I guess 32 skeins. I have sock envy, lol.
It's great that you have the spirit of fitness. I need some too. Really. It's nice to be able to actually feel your progress...makes you wonder why it took so long to get started in the first place!
Isn't God awesome? Sometimes I get overwhelmed at what He has done in my life. And yes, He is Good!!
I'm sorry to see this contest go..I've had so much fun although I found it a bit late....can't wait to see what the next contest is!

hakucho said...

Very pretty cloth...awesome design :)

Oh, boy are you trying to be the next Michael Phelps?....fabulous swimming...getting better and better and hopefully easier and easier :)

Unknown said...

That cloth design is great and I have a couple of very important friends that are very much in need of a lifting of the spirit.

I would be willing to venture that there are 39 skeins of yarn in your stash! (Or at least in the stash that is in the picture). LOL

I hope everything goes as you are hoping it will. My prayers are with you.

sailorcross said...

Aaaaaaa---I'm going to guess 38!

And, I'm going to sing praises right along with you because I know that God answers prayer!!

I can't wait to hear the details, but I know that God will answer as to His will in your life!

Your cloth is beautiful. I just love it. When you have the instructions all written up, I'm going to make one for my supervisor. She's lost several family members to breast cancer and has several that are survivors. I think she would love this cloth.

And your swimming--WOW!! You have made such improvements in your stamina!! I am just so proud of you--I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face just for you!!

Sing praises, always sing praises!

Have fun at dinner tonight!!


Kenyetta said...

35 came to my mind, saw Leah guessed that amount but I am sticking with it!
The cloth looks awesome!
Keep up the good work.

Jane said...

That cloth is great. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm going to say 40 balls of yarn.
And I have a guess as to the answered prayers, but I'm not going to give it here! Have a wonderful dinner with your friends.


Maria said...

OK I guess 51...
Wow! have fun at dinner! The happiness and energy of your post today makes me smile!!!Oh, and cute dishcloth...

mamarara said...

I love that cloth. What a great cause. I am going to guess 41.

magnoliasntea said...

WTG on those laps in the pool!!!
Had to tell you that Goodman & I had a good hearty chuckle over your comment on the blog last night about your shakin' hands. Too funny. :)

Wendy said...

Almost let the day get away from me, before I stopped in...shame on me...
I think I will guess 46...can't wait to hear the good news and totally understand you not wanting to say anything til you are sure, I have done too much of that lately only to have it not happen..
Big Hugs

ikkinlala said...

I think 15 are pictured, although I'm sure there are more in the stash than that.

Okay, maybe that's not quite what you meant, but that's how my mind is working at the moment.

Turtle said...

nice stash, 36??

smariek said...

That is such a pretty cloth!

I'm gonna guess 53.

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