Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday- Tales of Talc, Tubs, Telephones and T.....

I promised to explain a story to someone (Shut Up I'm Counting) Cass and I guess today will be as good as any... but to save most of you from having to suffer through it I will post it at the end of this blog. And then I'll buffer it out with a 45 second video of Adam singing for me. Hopefully it will be enough, LOL

So what is today? Oh it's TUESDAY



Works on a multiple of 2 plus 1 stitch (ie: CO 35... 17 multiples of 2 plus 1)

Row One: Purl 1, Knit 1 through the back loop, Purl 1

Row two: Knit across

Repeat Rows one and two until desired length

***NOTE on my swatch sample pictured here
I CO 35, Knit 4 rows for a border and K3 on each end of row 1 for border

So let's get another entry in this weeks contest for those stitch markers. All you need to do is comment, that's it just say Hi, let me know you were here. But for those of you who would like to try this new stitch featured, or perhaps have already mastered this stitch have suggestions for how to use this stitch feel free to share that with us all as well.

I received two packages in the mail yesterday. I will most likely blog about them on the weekend.

Water therapy went well yesterday it was the drive home that got ugly. Adam went home last night and I probably won't have him again until Friday next week as his mom is getting married this Friday.

I am making progress on the squares, I have about 25 more to go to reach the 75 total.

Ok for those not interested in the talc, tub, telephone and tampon tale you can stop here or scroll down to the Adam video
How I almost broke my leg because of some powder, a tub and a tampon while on the telephone
(by Aunt Kathy August 2008)

It was just like any other day in my life. I am dealing with a very irritating TOM never ending session. I have taken oh let's say 2 or 3 showers already, yeah TOM is not my friend. The last shower I decided to put on some refreshing feminine powder (you know why) but the darn thing seemed to be clogged and I swear nothing was coming out. I kept shaking it. Uh AK, did you think to look at the floor? My bath mat is now white instead of the burgundy and green it naturally is. I am already frustrated so I decide to clean that all up later (which means never).

Fast forward a couple hours, I am on the phone as usual... I need to replace my supply, if you know what I mean... so I am in the bathroom, ready to insert the fresh clean (if only for a few minutes) tampon when I lift my bare foot onto the edge of the tub for a better angle.

Did I mention my floor was covered with powder? Well now so is my bare foot, and powder on the bottom of the foot on the edge of the tub, yeah can we say slippery? My leg starts to go into the tub... I am doing a split trying to hold onto something, I can hear the bones screaming in my leg about to break.

I finally ended up straddling the tub broken leg avoided, and poor Shelly I am sure was wondering what the heck was going on. I considered it an exercise session, burned a few calories, that deserved a chocolate don't ya think? Or two?

Oh by the way, I am still finding powder spots and where did that tampon go? Perhaps with my missing socks, my hidden cash stash, the darning needles. Who knows.

Now you know... I apologize for the details... and the lack of creativity in my writing style. I am not as good at writing down the stories as I am in just telling them... you really need to hear my emphasis etc. to get the humor in it all.

So to ease your pain, why not have a listen to Adam singing to me, oddly enough about exercise. LOL Oh and please excuse Papa's coughing... I swear he has to somehow get his two cents in on any video I make of Adam.


Jane said...

How cute! Adam that is - not your story - but glad you made it through that without breaking anything! That stitch pattern would make a nice scarf - maybe for my next Red Scarf.

Anonymous said...

Little Adam sounds soooooo lovely sweet :o)
Greetings Pe

leah said...

Too funny! Glad you were okay!

Unknown said...

well, it's good you didn't break anything! And as for the missing tampon...no won't go there, LOL.
Adam is the cutest!

Abby said...

The stitch pattern looks a lot like the mistake ribbing.

I hope you had many chocolates. ;-)

Turtle said...

laughing, sorry. ( i have so had those days) But glad nothing broke!

SimplyMe said...

hey hey now.

You didn't say ANYTHING about boxes being delivered yesterday, grrrrrrr. When I ask if anything INTERESTING happened, MAIL THAT COMES IN BOXES is interesting! *wink*

Katie O said...

glad there were no broken legs, arms or other pieces... might wanna watch out for the powder!! LOL Glad you are ok!!

katerina said...

Ok, now you're just adding reasons to my needing to clean the bathroom!!
I may try that stitch after I'm done with the ravelympics!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

I fell in my tub once, and it was no fun either!! But, not for the same reason you did--someone (not mentioning any names here--but it was a daughter) decided to soak themselves in a bath with baby oil and then didn't clean out the tub.

I went in to shower next, and WHOOSH!!!--down I went.

I'm so glad you didn't break anything. That wouldn't have been a very funny ending to this story.

Love your little Adam singing!!

He's just so cute!!


Oh, rice stitch--yes, I've done this before in squares for afghans--love the way this looks in variegated yarn!!

Susan said...

Good thing you weren't seriously hurt! Can you imagine having to explain that one to an ER doctor? LOL

Kenyetta said...

I am glad you didn't break anything but that is too funny! LOL

Unknown said...

Adam is so cute . . .

I am so sorry that you were having such difficulties but actually, the writing was good . . . the visual . . . I am glad that you didn't break anything.

My Mom made me a sweater when I started working in an office that had 3/4 length sleeves and the bottom edge started with the rice stitch that shaped up on both sides of the front and up the back in a triangle (for about 10 inches) with the rest being just regular knit. It is great. I still have the sweater (buried someplace in my closet).

Anonymous said...

HA!! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!
And Adam is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! Made my heart grow 2 sizes.

Anonymous said...

As a daily Cass reader..I have to say....great story...great visuals..*LOL* I hope you didn't feel too sore the next day....Be careful!

smariek said...

Oh my, that's quite a story! Glad to hear you're OK.

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