Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday- Squares, Squares, Squares have me running in Circles

Happy Friday... Another week ending. What will the weekend bring to us all? For me... it's a no brainer (not a far stretch for me either, lol) Squares, Squares and more squares. I need 75 before the Olympics end. When is that anyway... December 1st????

I have 27 done so far, so I am on my way. I had a box of some squares of assorted sizes I just needed to do some more rounds on so that helped. I made two during my DR appt yesterday (yeah it was a long wait.)

Well we are in for more rain today, what a shocker... guess I'll just have to spend more time knitting and crocheting today, oh the sacrifices I make. LOL

OKAY yesterdays contest was to guess how many skeins/balls of new cotton my mom picked up for me... here is the picture of them all laid out. So how close did you come? The total was 14.



Below is a cropped picture I snagged form one of your blogs this morning. I visited the blogs from everyone who commented yesterday and this was what I ended up choosing.

I just love those little feet. So your mission is to find the blog that this picture was snagged from and post your answer in the comment section. Should you be overwhelmed today (with Ravelolympics or Charity squares) and can't blog hop today just leave a comment, that will still get you an entry in this weeks contest.

Please try to remember to leave a comment on the blogs you visit even if they aren't the featured blog. We all like to know people are reading what we care to share, right?

I have also updated the OTHER CONTESTS in my side bar, so if you haven't been checking them out lately you might want to. Some are ending soon, you can't win if you don't enter, right?

I think Adam is coming today, but I haven't heard from them yet, so I will take advantage of the quiet while I can.

I'll post some pictures of my square progress this weekend, and who knows what else.

Happy Blog Hopping... {{{smile}}}


Wendy said...

The picture is from Gabes of SweetP Knits.......
I sure do wish I could knit better, I would just love to make those "knickers"

Awesome Mom said...

Wendy is right. The funny thing is I was just wandering around on Ravelry last night and saw those. They are too cute!

Turtle said...

Aww sweet pic! Boy where the heck was i yesterday!? i missed your yarn pic, but i would have guessed wrong! smile. Supposed to be in the mid to high 90's today, no AC in my part of the building and so far i have a 10, 11AM then nothing till 430pm!!! I may have to call hubby to help me escape in the mid day! Anything above mid 80's gets super hot in this area. Enjoy your day Kat!!

Anonymous said...

You are right, love the feet.


Unknown said...

Well, my guess of 9.9 was off the mark anyway. Oh well. Nice stash there!
Maybe you can make a boat of all those squares and stay nice and dry! LOL.

Have a great weekend!

Kenyetta said...

I was close! LOL
Cute pic!

sailorcross said...

I was pretty close with my 13 guess then!! That is just the cutest picture!! I love little one's feet--they're still soft and smooth with none of the rough edges that life gives us!!

And yes, I looked under the bed for my bank card--not there!! I'll just have to wait until the bank sends me my new one!

But, I did get to the post office today!!

Lil Knitter said...

What a cute pic! That is so sweet.

You're making progress on the squares...keep it going. Good Luck.


Anonymous said...

75 squares!!! I'd need the closing ceremony to be next year to knit that many! Good luck!

btw...the frilly bottom belongs to sweetp!

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