Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday- Make the Day Count, You'll Never Get It Back

This cartoon made me laugh so hard. After watching Adam want to play the play station so much it was just too perfect. LOL What we do with our free time does matter. We really need to MAKE THE DAY COUNT, because when it's over it's over.

Now I'd like to make the day for one of my friends. I have tallied the comments, and entered the total into the random generator and we have a WINNER!!!


The Winner of the Strata Yarn and pair of Susan Bates needles is Georgi. Please drop me an email to gimpykatk at aol or through Ravelry (I am gimpykatk there too) with your mailing address so I can get the package out to you.

If you can please visit her blog and congratulate Georgi.


Monday as you all know is the day you get to brag to me about your week... I want to know what you did that made you happy, how are you doing on your Ravelolympic adventures, What's on your agenda for this week etc.

Simply leave a comment in the comment section and receive an entry in the contest for week 7. Wow are we really on week 7 of 9 already? What will I do when September arrives???

Of course all you need to really say is Hi, and you'll be entered, but I hope you have more then that to say, LOL

Here is a picture of the PRIZE

Yep it's a needle/hook holder. I did not make this, LOL. I would love to but not yet. I found this one on ETSY at Loraskeyhole Shop. I already bought it, and she is holding it until next Monday when I find out who the winner is.

Come on you know you want this, I know I do, LOL. It's not a large holder, but it's just the right size for a few sets of your favorites to keep right at hand, and come on now, is that sheep not the perfect pattern???

Well that's it for me today... In order for me to make this day count I need to get busy on my projects...

Dishcloths for an ETSY sale
Squares for Close Knit Hugs (I committed to 75, yeah that's right 75)
The socks
Water Therapy
yeah... the list continues

See you all tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Hey there AK. How was your weekend? I've been killing myself on these stupid socks, but I have it all figured out now. Of course, I'm days behind, and now I have to knit up a bunch of cloths for swaps...
I'm donating a few handmade items, so I do feel good about that. Maybe I should be "disqualified" and do projects that matter. Hmmm.
Anyway, have a good day!

katerina said...

My ravelympics adventure is not going as well as planned - a few false starts if you will - but I think I'm up and going now!

Love the cartoon btw! Really made my day!

leah said...

The fabric is perfect! I got my skirt finished (including the hand stitching) Yeah! and the ravelympics is going great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Kath! Well, let's see ... I made tuna salad, baked banana nut muffins, made rice pudding and jello with pineapple for lunches this week. I made date-walnut bars (recipe to come on my blog) for the church picnic, and baked a loaf of wheat bread. I got the front done on my baby sweater and the back started. And Scooterdog got a bath. Whew! After all that, I'm tired and ready for a nap!

Putting my 2 cents worth in for that great needle tote case! Have a BLESSED day!

smariek said...

Congrats Georgi!!!

I made slow Ravelympics progress. I've actually cast on for my Triumph Scarf, but had to frog it and start over when I decided it needed to be done on bigger needles. Guess I shoulda swatched using the actual yarn, lol.

Wendy said...

Finally...I have been trying to leave a comment for an hour...
On my agenda for the day...Finish a knitted 10 inch square for a cancer patient in Georgia, Work on a crocheted bag to felt, do the dishes and clean the living room, and then of course dinner later (hashbrown casserole) and bath the kids and dog....Now lets see what I do manage to get done out of that..
Hope you had a blessed weekend and enjoy your day today.......

Turtle said...

Hi Kat, cute cartoon! My family are gamers, i am the lone one out!They game, i knit, etc! Oh my gosh, i love that needle holder! I have a kindred spirit to turtles but my fondness for sheep keep growing, i so want one!! A real one! K, this week aside from many many toes and fingers now well manicured and freshly polished I have been busy canning. Apple butter, apple jack blueberry sauce, spicy bread and butter pickles, blueberry chutney and a freshly baked whole wheat crust apple pie. Many berries were also picked and put away into the freezer, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. So aside from a little knitting that was my week that made me happy! Off to be busy and enjoy my "sunday".

RoamingKnitter said...

Howdy Kathy, from the steambath of TX. I didn't join Ravlympics but our TX group, Lone Star State Knitters, has the Llympics. I joined that & have a spa cloth started. I am side-tracked with a girl's sweater for charity so not getting a lot done on the cloth. Have a great, knitty week everybody.

Awesome Mom said...

I have not been doing all that well on my Ravolympics project. I had to frog back some on the diaper cover I am making because I put my short rows in the wrong place and where the short rows were there were huge holes. I am not back to where I started from and used a different technique to make my short rows. Hopefully I will be able to surge ahead and get it finished before too long.

One of my team mates got her sweater puked on by a car sick kid, so I am counting my blessings. Even though I am behind I don't have to figure out how to clean a WIP.

Kenyetta said...

congrats to Georgi!
sad to say, I didn't really do much knitting this week...

Labor Nurse said...

Oh, AK!! You are so freakin creative. I really don't have a creative bone in my body. God decided to bless with a sense of humor instead :)

And, your little cartoon makes me want a Wii even more. I need my Wii and iPhone still!

And, I just noticed my word verification to post this is OXOFU. Uh, hugs ands kissed and FU?? Oh dear!

Georgi said...

Thank you Aunt Kathy! I will send you my address via email, but there is no rush since I finally get to move on the 20th :-)
Did you ever give in and join the Dish Rag Tag?

BellaMama said...

I am trying to knit more/surf less!
It is a challenge in and of itself!!

I'm knitting lots of dishcloths and would like to finish my 2 pairs of socks on the needles. I'm in the midst of designing/knitting/writing the pattern for 2 hush-hush projects. They're hush-hush 'cause I've kinda put them aside to take a break!! I want to finish most everything on the needles (a total of 6 things (really not that bad, but these projects are kinda dragging me down!) and start the sweater & get to more of the design ideas I have.

Thank you so much for letting me share/"brain vomit"!! LOL

Happy knitting with blessings of getting so much done!!

Jane said...

Last week I knit on my two Ravelympics projects, signed up for the Mystery Shawl4 even thought I can't knit with lace, signed up to knit some squares for Close Knit Hugs, signed up for the dish rag tag, finished reading Plains Crazy (whoduknit August Book) - guess that's it!

sailorcross said...

My week??? Let's see--I finished three projects for three friends, so I feel pretty much accomplished!!

Now, I'm waiting for Dish Rag Tag to start!! Can't wait!!

And, oh, I made a list of all the things I have to finish, and it just way too long!! So, I'm taking them one at a time.


Katie O said...

Wow, you have quite the list to catch up on!! I need to get my butt in gear on some stuff... couple of KAL's to swatch for starting on Friday... since I'm so far behind on my last one, I'm on my own! :) Hugs!

danielle said...

Thanks for the link posted for the NUrses for Newborns project! Now I jsut need to figure out how to do that on my blog!

My ravelympics project is my blanket for #5 grandson who is due in Sept. Prior to the start of the Ravelympics, I had ripped it out 3 times...well, yesterday I had to frog it back 2x!!! I dont know what is up with that! Maybe becuase I am getting frustrated with the Olympics coverage????

Lil Knitter said...

That needle holder is so cute. You find the nicest things.

Congrats to Georgi!!!


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