Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday- Squares Squares and more Squares

Ahh sleeping babies somehow they make the world seem right, don't they? Adam is staying until tomorrow afternoon, so he will be going to therapy with me again tomorrow. He can't wait to go under water in the big pool again.

Speaking of being "under" water... I am coming up for air from making the squares. I made good progress yesterday... I have 35 squares completed and ready to be stitched together into an afghan.

These are an assortment of squares that need to be tweaked a little before they are ready to be sewn together
This is a picture of some of the ready to stitch squares, the background and edging will be done in navy blue
These squares are obviously too small... I need to do some rounds on them to bring them up to speed.
The good news is between all the squares I have, I have a total of 75, and that's exactly how many I pledged. I just need to get them all the same size now.

I almost missed church today. I had a really bad day yesterday with the TOM stuff, and the night wasn't any better. I knew I couldn't drive so i called the pastor and said I wouldn't be there. BUT I really wanted to GO. So I prayed and asked God to make it happen. And then the phone rang, a neighbor who used to go to my church called and wanted to come today with me. And she offered to drive. Prayer answered. I am glad I went. I feel stronger and ready to face whatever the week will bring.

Tuesday I see the surgeon again, maybe I will get a better idea on when they think the surgery will happen.

Not much else is new here... and I hear the squares calling out my name.

Tomorrow I announce the winner of the sheep needle holder and reveal the next prize. I'll give you a hint... It has something to do with letters. LOL

May the Lord bless you all today


sailorcross said...

Awww.....Adams looks so sweet there asleep!!

Our God is an awesome God!! Answered your prayer so that you could go to worship him today!!

Good look finishing up those squares! You're almost done!! YEAH!!!


Unknown said...

Can I say how amazing you are? You are cheering us Ravelympic crazies on, but you...YOU are doing something truly great. No wonder God answered your prayer. Yep, He wants you in His house, and will move mountains to get ya there.
I hope things look better for you. I will say a prayer that it will all work out (the way it's supposed to).

leah said...

An answer to prayer...yeah that you got to worship!

Jane said...

Okay, I'm on to you! You had most of those squares already knit before you signed up for Shelly's contest! But congratulations to you anyway - you surely ROCK!!!! And I have a long way to go to keep up with you.
And the Lord does work in mysterous ways, doesn't he? So glad you were able to make it to church today.

Turtle said...


Unknown said...

Love me some sleeping kids!! Those are a big bunch of squares you have got there gurl. Wish I was close, I'd help you put them together. I'm a pro at it!!
Hugs Patt

magnoliasntea said...

Adam is a cutie.

Wow, you're a crocheting machine! Love the squares. You go, Girl!

hakucho said... sweet. You certainly have become a super square making machine. Wow that's a lot of pretty squares :)

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