Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday- Loving God, Loving Adam and Loving Knitting

This is a scarf I received in the mail yesterday from a friend I have never met. Hopefully the next time you see a picture of it I will be wearing it, it's BEAUTIFUL and SO ME.

I also received another package but I'll save that for tomorrow's blog, that and the pictures from dinner Thursday night.

Today you get Adam and a Finished project... Adam first.



As you can see I got another play box for Adam this week. Thank you Avon for creative packaging, LOL

Yesterday I worked on a pattern I recently saw on Ravelry it's going in a swap I need to mail out. I goofed up the pattern, I didn't understand all the directions so I improvised and I am happy with my final result. You can find the pattern here if you are interested and want to see how it was supposed to look, LOL.

It's only big enough to hold a small paperback, but it could easily be made larger for bigger books. I thought about adding an I-cord for a carrying handle but decided against it at the last minute. Time was of the essence, as the end of the month is here. I used my Pattons Merino wool but I didn't felt it. I think it would lose all the stretch if it was felted, right?

I opened up my Internet today and all my bookmarked/favorite places were GONE. Talk about panic... that's how I pay my bills and find my blog dashboard etc. I was able to find some of them through my AOL favorites but I know I am missing several. Of course I can't think of what is missing, guess I won't know until I need it.

Remember any comments posted over the weekend will still count towards this weeks contest prize.

I'll see you all tomorrow, have a wonderful day.



Awesome Mom said...

I think it looks nicer with the two straps. I think that felting it would have made it too small to hold a paperback. If you had wanted to felt the project should have started out a lot bigger.

RoamingKnitter said...

Isn't it great how kids love to play with and in boxes? Adam looks like a present just opened up. lol I had already bookmarked the book bag pattern. Sure like how your turned out but think I will make it just a tad bigger for my mom. Some of her books are sorta fat.

Turtle said...

love the book holder. i had to smile at the pics of adam in the box. My hubby got a new amp for his guitar a few weeks back and my daughter asked to keep the box. said she wanted to make a fort of it and hang, read, draw....she is 16!

Lil Knitter said...

My kids always liked the boxes better than what was inside...shoulda just got boxes to start with. :P

I love the book holder. Saw it on Ravelry yesterday. Another thing to add to my list of "want to do".


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my parents and aunts and uncles would put all our Christmas gifts in their respective cars right after we finished opening them so Christmas Eve night we would all play with the boxes and the wrapping paper. My grandfather alwasy made sure we had a refrigerator or stove box to play with. It was the best!

SimplyMe said...

Praised be the Lord ♫

Jeff just came home from the farmer's market. He got a bunch of hot peppers (and what am I supposed to do with those, but he likes them) 2 heads of cabbage and 5 big zucchini for 3 bucks. He did good. except he already hates my first 3 ideas for the zucchini. He leaves wednesday. I'll cook em up then!

Enjoy the pool!

Unknown said...

I like your paperback bag. It's nice. It's something I would use.
Kids and boxes...gotta love em. Have a great weekend!

sailorcross said...

Boxes--my kids used to spend hours playing with boxes--getting in and out of them--putting things in them and then taking them out. Makes me wonder why we ever spent money on toys!! Love those cute pics of Adam!!

Your bookholer turned out really nice. I like it just the way it is--keeps the book handy and neat.

Also, love your scarf!! What a wonderful present!!

Can't wait to see your dinner pictures.

Kenyetta said...

Kids love boxes, they play with those longer than what was in it! LOL
Love the book holder and the scarf!

mamarara said...

I have to agree with everyone else. Why did we ever spend money on toys when all we had to do was go to the store and get boxes for free. I love the book bag you made.

Wendy said...

Love the Book holder. I should make myself one, but bigger, to put my bible in.. Then maybe I would not lose all the little page markers I have in it, because it has come open.
If the kids are not playing with the boxes, then the cats are or the dog is chewing on them...
Well I have another bag to do, just found out she needs it at the same time as the second one, instead of the original for Christmas giving...Boy and here I thought I could do some craft sale stuff....Ha ha on me

ikkinlala said...

I love the box pictures. We have one of my brother in our cooler when he was a bit older than Adam.

Prairiemouse said...

Well Hello friend, looks like Adam was having a wonderful time. I just love kids in boxes they seem to have so much fun. Love the scarf you received. How precious. can't wait to see it on you. Hope you had a wonderful August can't believe it is over already.
We will talk soon

She Knits Socks said...

When I was still teaching, I had a big box with a window that the kids could sit in and read. They loved it.

hakucho said...

Love the book caddy! Awesome :)

I can't tell you how many times I've lost my bookmarks! My wonderful husband though was able to retrieve them for me. Not sure how he does it.Now with the newer version of firefox it hasn't happened once. I really like firefox much better than exporer. Hope you can get them back...I would be lost totally without mine :)

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