Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday- Sew what's UP?

OK it's done. All 75 squares are finished. I will confess I had some already started before the contest on Close Knit Hugs started, whenever I am knitting or crocheting if I have a little left over from the yarn I start a square. Also when I try a new pattern from a KAL I often knit them with acrylic first and then use those as squares for Maggie too.

These 5 single squares are from patterns I have designed and a couple KALS.And here is what 70 ready to stitch together squares look like. The pile on the left are 8" squares and the pile on the right are 9 1/2" squares. I will be stitching them together today into 2 afghans and then everything will be ready to mail to Michigan on Monday.
I also mentioned I received a package this week... from Beth. Inside was a bookmark she has been making for me and two books that I have been wanting to read, and two CD's from her worship team at church singing.
Here is a close up of the beautiful bookmark.

I did go to the Y again this week, so that makes 3 days of exercise. Monday I did 8 laps in the pool (each lap totals 50 yards) Wednesday I did 10 laps. So Friday I decided to do 12 laps. 36 laps equals a mile by the way so 12 laps would be 1/3 of a mile. Not too shabby for a human sized like a whale, huh? Well I actually did 14 laps on Friday and it felt wonderful. I may even go again on Sunday after church and shoot for 16. My goal is to get to 18 which is 1/2 mile and then work on doing them more in a row. Right now I do 2 laps then some walking with weights, 2 more laps, more walking etc. Maybe one day I will be able to do 18 without stopping.

Not much else is new here yet. Let's see what today brings. I know I promised another story but not today. Maybe tomorrow. I guess I kinda want to forget the bad stuff and just focus on the positive today.

Hmm I just noticed my arm/shoulder is hurting. Must have slept on a nerve or something. Or maybe it was the marathon crocheting last night to finish these squares.

I'll be back tomorrow, with another funny cartoon too.

Remember all comments over the weekend are still counted towards the weekly contest prize.

Have a wonderful weekend.



Turtle said...

wow! quite the busy lady!! the completed projects will look great! Go stick some dry rice in an old (clean) sock and stick it in the microwave for a minute and drape it over your shoulder, homemade heating pad! have a good one!

Katie O said...

You are making wonderful progress!! Great job... that weight will keep coming off, which the doctors and yourself must love!!! What a great feeling... Have a great Saturday... I'm off for a nap... Babysat overnigh last night and baby got up early!!!

Jane said...

Congratulations on finishing your 75 squares - even if you did have a lot done before the contest, that is still amazing! And you are even going to sew them altogether - even more amazing! And your pool accomplishments are amazing too. Gee - you are an amazing person today!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy! All those squares to sew together sounds like a big job to me!
Congrats on the swimming. I need to get started on my walking. My whale sized self is becoming a couch potato!

hakucho said...

Wow all those squares are very impressive :) I like how you edged the crochet ones in blue. Can't wait to see them all sewn together. Good to give you lots of credit for sewing them all together :) Not sure I'd be up for that :)

Yay!! That's wonderful about your swimming. Great exercise...I bet it makes you feel a whole lot better too! Keep it up and you'll reap the rewards :)

sailorcross said...

Wow!! That's a lot of swimming!! I don't think I could do that, in fact, I know I couldn't do that. Congratulations--that is just wonderful progress!!

Just so you know, my blog is going to stay the same--I tried too many wasteful hours this morning to changes things around, and I haven't a clue!!

I'm so glad you liked your surprises!! I was thinking of doing some bookmarks with Bible verses on them also. But, right now, I think I'm just going to follow your suggestion and put the crosses on etsy as they are now and move on to other projects later. There are only so many hours in a a day!!

Have a wonderful rest of hte day, and I'll talk with you tomorrow!!


Kenyetta said...

Wow! A lot of squares!
Beautiful bookmark!

leah said...

Wow! Your determination is amazing! The squares look great. Good luck with the sewing up!

SimplyMe said...

Oh good grief, woman. I'm on the foot of the last sock, and I still have 5 squares and tail tucking to go. So what did I do? I went to the LYS, bought a needle for the beads, and worked on the swatch. Messed it up, frogged it....and decided I wanted to shorten up one of the pairs of wooden needles you sent. Hello Deml little wonder thingie. D's going to get it now.

I don't know how that's helping my sock, but it sure is fun.

You can freeze that rice in a sock as an ice pack too.

Wendy said...

Great job on the swimming...Much better than I can do...Have a great day and take care of your arm........

smariek said...

WOW! You've been busy with those squares!!!

Unknown said...

You should get some kind of reward for making all those squares. Even if some of them were already started, you still had to finish them up. Way to go!!!
Maybe I should get myself into a pool. You are motivating me to get up and DO something.
The bookmark is lovely. Have a great weekend!!

BellaMama said...

You are not a whale, but maybe a beautiful manatee!! *laughing with you* I've not been to the Y since I had my 1st-that's over 7 years!! I miss it, but then again I was newlywed and everything was glorious!

I've started to workout with my hubby (my personal trainer) and I'm lifting weights to see if that'll shake the weight off of me. Really wish I could swim, but that will haveta wait til after we win the lottery!! :)

I'm inspired by your zillion square marathon!! Thanks, I needed a bit of a push to finish the last of my gifts!!

Have a blessing of a Sunday!!
Mrs. C.

Bubblesknits said...

That's quite a stack of squares! My great aunt crochets beautifully and she just sent me a crocheted sheep. :-) It's done in popcorn stitch. She taught me to crochet as a child, so I really have her to thank for getting me interested in the fiber world.

Sorry, rambling. LOL Hope your arm/shoulder feels better!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, that's quite the stack of squares! They're beautiful! I am so proud of your swimming accomplishments... great job!!! I hope the shoulder isn't hurting from the exercise!


RoamingKnitter said...

One stack of squares is a lot, two is over the top! Good work. I don't envy you "getting" to sew them up, though. That is my least favorite job. Rest your shoulder and keep your work low in your lap to keep the shoulders relaxed. I find cold packs help more than heat.

Lil Knitter said...

YAY!! You got them done!! Whew...that looks like a LOT of work. I knew you could do it.
Love that bookmark. It is beautiful.

Congrats on your progress in the pool too! WTG AK!!


Cinders said...

Wow! thats alot of squares! i'm looking forward to seeing them joined up.
Well one on all that swimming.

Teresa said...

This is the first time I have checked out your personal blog. Am only on the computer for a few minutes so will look some more later. Love it so far. You are one busy lady.

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