Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday- Sharing Simple Summer Swap Sweetness

Saturday is here and I can finally here and I can show off the Sweet Swap package I received for the Simple Woman Summer Swap.

First the butterfly without Adam flapping the wings, LOL
Handmade note cards, almost too beautiful to use, but I will.
A crocheted dishcloth Angel. I have never seen this one before and hope to eventually find the pattern. I love it.
This card was attached to the dishcloth. Being a poet it couldn't have been a more perfect addition. I think now I need to write a verse for all my dishcloths.
This is an ATC (Artist Trading Card) hand drawn by Cindy and on the backside is all her information. I think she has great talent, don't you?

NOTE: I tried to have the words on the sides of the pictures and it kept goofing up and erasing pictures. After pulling out all my left side of hair and losing my voice screaming at blogspot, I just all the descriptions and then showed the photos. Grrrrrr.

Cindy thank you so much not just for the gifts but the emails and the prayers. I have found a new friend and thank God for you daily. I couldn't have chosen a better partner and know that God had a say in all of this.

Well Adam is going home today, probably in a couple hours so i should go play with him for awhile.

I'll leave you with my new signature for the Ravelolympics... Go Go Go, Rah Rah Rah!!!


Wendy said...

Kathy here is the link to the dish cloth angel...I have made them many times, I love them, but could never use them....too pretty.

Hope you have a great day... and a wonderful peaceful weekend.......

SimplyMe said...

Love the cheerleader

Love the swap stuff


No pressure! *wink*

leah said...

What a sweet dishcloth!!!! Thanks for cheering everyone on!!

RoamingKnitter said...

What a lovely to way to lift your heart with wings! Beautiful butterfly and angel. We do treasure our newfound crafy friends.

Unknown said...

Love the swap package. How did I miss that one, LOL. I needed your cheering bear yesterday. I'm going to start in a bit...I may have to do something else today.
Have a great weekend!!!

Katie O said...

HOpe you had fun with Adam and the swap package looks wonderful!! Have a great weekend!!

Kenyetta said...

Beautiful package!

BellaMama said...

I just love those intense colors of the butterfly!!

Lil Knitter said...

Love your swap goodies...everything is so cute.

*love your new Ravelympics sig*

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