Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday- Well I am least my DR said so, LOL

Well I had an appointment with the Psychologist this morning so that's why I am so late in blogging. It's a pre surgery requirement that I pass the Psych evaluation. This was my second visit and so far so good. I think she still wants to see me one more time before surgery and then one time afterwards. Whatever it takes right? I am after all obviously sane, right???

I have another DR appt this afternoon, so I am going to be out again in just a bit. I have never been so active as I have been since June. I am amazing myself, LOL

I made a scrubbie flower (see picture above) for the girl who ordered the dishcloths from ETSY, it's just a little "Thank You" for shopping with us gift. I have finished the 4 dishcloths and am ready to mail the order out.



Below is a picture of some cotton balls my mom got for me last month. I squished as many as I could into the square shaped basket (its about 4" deep and 6" on the sides) all you have to do today is guess how many balls I have in this picture.

Post your guess in the comments section to receive your entry today in the contest for the sheep needle holder. No worries, you don't have to guess correctly, you just need to guess, or really you just need to comment.

Also just a reminder tomorrow's contest assignment is to find a finished project from one of your blogs, so if you have any projects finished to blog about today would be a good day, LOL I'll be searching your blogs tomorrow morning for something wonderful.

Well today I will be working on charity squares... I committed to 75 squares, yeah what was I thinking? I was thinking I had a month or two, but NO I only have 2 weeks.
Umm perhaps I am insane after all.

Have a great day, remember to laugh, apparently they say it improves your breathing and therefore gives you more energy and well all you Olympian knitters out there can sure use that, right?

2Ti 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


Awesome Mom said...

I am going to say that there are 10 in that picture.

Jane said...

I'm guessing 15 because there are some hiding in the bottom of the basket.
I have been doubting your sanity since I read that you committed to make 75 squares in two weeks (did you tell the dr. that?) - but then again, you probably knit in your sleep!

Unknown said...

I was going to say 10, but Jane was here I'll pull a Price is Right and guess 9.9 LOL. Really, 9 is my guess.
And I think sanity is objective. Who else would carry around pointed sticks with young children in the house? But I'm using a hook today so far...
Glad to know you're ok and getting around. Have a great day!!

Kenyetta said...

I am going with 15 too!
I love the scrubbie- reminds me of a sunflower.

katerina said...

I'm going to go with 12 as I think the basket gets smaller at the bottom!

No knitter is sane, we just work through it through our needles!

sailorcross said...

I'm going to go with 13 just because no one else has said this yet and my birthday is on the 13th (not this month!).

Of course you are sane!! We all are!!

A doctor once told me that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!!

Come to think of it--maybe I'm not so sane after all!!

Lil Knitter said...

I'll guess 14.
Good luck on getting those squares done...don't tell the Psychologist how mnay or she'll know for sure you're insane. :P
I could definitely use a burst of energy for that Ravelympic knitting...making progress but I won't relax until it's all done.

Wendy said...

Hmm I think I will say 16...I always say I am going crazy or have long gone there....when the kids ask me where I am going...But really I am sane...really am...I think.....
Big Hugs

sweetp said...

17. Love your wordle :)

Anonymous said...

My guess is 12!


hakucho said...

Love your scrubbie...I made a sunflower one (actually more than one) a while back and it was very well received :)
Such a nice extra touch for your customer :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you are busy, but sane hmmmm let me think about that one ;-)


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