Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday- Wondering Why I Don't Live In Water

Look who decided to come visit today and sportin' a brand new haircut?Of course the first stop was the computer, he didn't even give Nana an Adam HUG. :(
So Nana had to send the attack cookie after Adam... WAAATTTCCHH OUT ADAM!!!
I knitted the new stitch pattern yesterday (Waterfalls) It very nice and really not hard to follow at all.

This is the back side. I was surprised to see it had a ribbed effect, I wasn't expecting that.
And this is the front view. Also has a ribbed effect but doesn't it look like cables, kind of?
I casted on 39 stitches, I made a knit border of 3 on each end and knitted 4 rows at the beginning and the end. I am very happy with the result.



I am a technique that some of you may do
I just learned myself so to me it's quite new
It can be knitted or crocheted It doesn't matter which
And any pattern you like or any kind of stitch
But some accessories you might need to do this right
Some hot water, and soap and maybe good eye sight
You will use a pure wool to make this work out
And when it's done you will let out a shout
You'll have a new technique to add to your belt
Because my friends you now know how to ????

Post your answer to this RIDDLE in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest for the sheep needle holder. Remember just a comment is all you need to be entered and your answer doesn't have to be right either. OK? This is all FUN FUN FUN

Well as you can see Adam is here. Not a scheduled day but his other grandma was not in a good way and his mom didn't want to leave him alone with her. I have water therapy today so I will either bring him with me or see if my mom can watch him.

Oh and just a reminder... If you can try to do up a square for Close Knit Hugs this week, I'd love to help Maggie get every state represented by the end of the month. Even one square will get you on the MAP. Oh and if you go to Shelly's blog and tell her you are sending one you will be entered to win a prize she has yet to reveal. But knowing Shelly it's a good one.

I have buttons on my side bar to get to both sites as well. Hope you can help out.

Ok Adam wants something to eat. I better go.


Anonymous said...

I really "felt" for your riddle this morning, LOL. Actually, I have never tried it but am anxious to. As soon as I finish this baby sweater I may try a small purse and see how it turns out.

Have a blessed day!

Wendy said...

"FELT" and I LOVE to do it....It is so fun to start with something so floppy and end up with something so sturdy and much smaller.........Hope you have a wonderful day, and at least his mom had a little common sense to know where Adam is safe......
Big Higs..........

SimplyMe said...

I really like that new stitch,
but with too much to do, it's really a...........


Awesome Mom said...

Felting.. better known as oops I accidentally put something wool in the washing machine (which is how most of my felting happens).

Unknown said...

Beware, felting is very addictive. I love making the felted bags. and needle holders. I might have to try some hotpads soon, too.
Aww, I saw his pic and said, "he got a haircut!". That's nice that you get to see him today. Have fun.

That cloth is gorgeous. I love that stitch pattern. I see it becoming a scarf very soon...

Jane said...

That would be my favorite thing to do - felt!
I love that stitch pattern - I have to try it.

Unknown said...

Adam looks so cute with his new cut...have fun with him today AK!

teabird said...

I also know how to admire a cute new haircut...

Cinders said...

That would be felting. greta fun to do. A proper reaon for shrinking stuff in the wash!!

adam looks very cute. My kids also go to grandmas computer without so muc as a hello!!

Karen said...

FELT!!! I love your riddles!

Katie O said...

Felt!!! I love to felt.. only done it a few times, but it is very fun. Just got a book in the mail today about felting and got the IK Fall 2008. There is some felting in there too!

Anonymous said...

Felt! I've only felted twice but it's a lot of fun. My only complaint is the cost of 100% pure wool... you have to use so much, and it all shrinks!

Georgi said...

Felt! It is great fun, but can cause tears if left in the washer toooo long :-)

Kenyetta said...

Adam looks so grown up! The waterfall stitch actually looks better on your sample, I think I will try it.
I love to "felt" !

hakucho said...

I love dishcloths that look good on both sides...very nice :)

leah said...

Felt!!! I liked your fun to see both sides look so different yet finished!

Lil Knitter said...

Adam's new cut looks good. You can send that attack cookie down here too...I'd love that! :P

I love that Waterfalls cloth. The back even looks good. Now it definitely has awesome scarf potential.

Turtle said...

Felt!! Nice new haircut! Lol at the pic with the cookie enticement!
love the look on both sides of the new stitch!

sailorcross said...

"Felt"! I haven't made anything felted yet, but I did try a small swatch to see how it would turn out, and I loved it. On my "to do" list for Christmas for my girls!

Love the dishcloth--on either side!!

Hope you enjoyed the water and Adam's visit.

katerina said...

loved your riddle and wish I could come up with a witty "felt" hiku or somethign to answer it but ah well, maybe it'll just have to be a fulled comment (lame I know but I tried!)

Anonymous said...

I love Adams new cut. LOL gotta love that cookie.


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