Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday- Idols, Pests and Riddles... Hooray???

THE AMERICAN IDOLS ARE IN TOWN. LOL... The concert tour has reached Albany NY. My husband is working the security tonight so he gets a free show.

I broke down and called the VET. The fleas won't die.

No animals have been allowed in the house for over a week and we bombed on Sunday but they keep attacking. Mostly the men... which includes Adam, this can not go on. I haven't brought the pets to the vet in over 3 years, since I have been out of work we just can't afford it. But we need help. I am waiting for them to call me back.

It bothered the boys so much they both shaved their legs this morning hoping the fleas would stop harassing them, lol it didn't work.

I think we will be dropping the animals off to the Humane Society to find a better home. I just called and they ask for a donation of $25.00 to take the animals.

I am not sure if you all know Michelle over at Insanknitty but one of her neighbors is in need of prayer. A 7 year old boy (Luke) diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She is hoping to make a lap blanket for him and is asking for prayers and squares. Go check out her blog for more details.
For everyone who can send her a square I will give double entries in this weeks contest.

OK speaking of CONTEST stuff let's get onto that shall we?
Wednesday is solve the RIDDLE DAY

Well another Wednesday full of Riddles and Rhymes
Do you think you can solve the mystery this time?
I am something that is handmade with love and care
If I owned more then one you know I would share
This item can keep your knitting tools in good shape
They'll be snug and secure and no fear of escape
Made of material it's flat or can also be rolled too
The slots sewn in neatly and there are way more then two
I'm sure the name varies but it is like a cool folder
Holding all sizes it's obviously a knitting needle ????

So post your guess to the answer to this riddle in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember you don;t have to guess right you just need to make a guess or a comment. LOL I am not picky at all.

For those of you wondering... I caved in and joined the Dish Rag Tag, what's one dishcloth right? Ok how many of you KNEW I was going to join??? Who knows Aunt Kathy???

I did NOT however cave in and join the Ravelolympics...

however I think I might join the "Cheer leading group" to cheer all your crazy people on (If there is a cheer leading team), especially those who joined more then 1 event, LOL. Have fun.

OK I am outta here... got knitting to do before water therapy.



leah said...

Holder!!! Your riddle are always so cute!!! Good luck with dishrag tag...I'm working hard to finish a pair of socks before Friday so I can start my ravelympics project! Cheerleading would be greatly appreciated (although I only signed up for 1 event with school starting that will be plenty)

Turtle said...

Very good riddle. Holder (or roll-y thingie) Sprinkle brewers yeast on the animals food and the fleas will fall off them and die, not liking the taste of the brewers in the blood. Ive also heard that sprinkling baking soda with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in onto the carpet, waiting a bit then vaccuming can get rid of them and keep them away from the home. Good luck! I need to treat the animals again just in case, dog severely allergic to fleas!

Jane said...

It's a needle holder. I have a really neat one for my circs that I bought at a craft sale - but I really need a couple more of them.
I keep my straights in a vase - and never can find what I'm looking for.
YES I knew you were going to join the dish rag tag!

Unknown said...

holder is the answer. I need one for my soon to be growing stash of DPN's (hopefully).
did you know that fleas can remain dormant for at least 6 months, and what "wakes" them up is vibration. Another interesting fact.
Also, if you don't have the money to give to the shelter, offer a trade or something, like making snuggles. I had to get rid of a dog once, did not have the $$, but they took her anyway. It was either that or the dog becoming a stray...If they do accept the snuggles donation, I can send you a few to help defray the costs.

Katie O said...

HOLDER!!! I have a rolling one and one that came with my knitpicks needles. Good luck with the pets!! :)

Anonymous said...


Wow you are amazing at riddles.

OH I hope the flea problems alleviates soon.


RoamingKnitter said...

Holder. I have one my mother sewed up for me 20+ years ago. I love it.

Hope you are de-flea-ed soon.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I'm sending you my flea treatment solution for the rugs etc. We had a horrible infestation last year and this stuff worked liek a charm.. I have a second bottle that I don't need so I'll send it to you! :-) consider it payment for your squares :-)


ps.. read about the shaving at Cass's.. hehehehehehehe too darn funny! MEN ;-)

Karen said...

needle holder!!

BellaMama said...

When we had a flea problem years ago (cats), we asked the exterminator and he said vacuuming everything every day (each pillow/cushion) will get rid of them and the eggs. Being sure to get rid of the bag or leave the vacuum out of the house at night. Fleas hibernate (or something) so putting things in the freezer doesn't work (pillows/furs).
So we vacuumed everyday everything & never had a problem again.
Also, putting sulfur (from a Garden Center place) on the lawn (from the house out) keeps yucky bugs from the house and you won't get chigger bites & such. Make sure it's not going to rain for a day or two first, and you may need to do it again.

Ok, KNITTING: holder, something I don't have...yet! :)

Mary Ann said...

Holder! Which I don't own!

Yeah! A cheerleader! I'm on the FGF Team. I'm only committed to making one thing. A pair of figerless gloves, Eden. I was afraid to sign up for more than one thing. I don't like pressure!!

Sorry to hear about your flea problem. I don't have that problem thank goodness, but everytime I take the dog out I get attacked by mosquitos!! I'm so sweet that they're attracted to me! LOL I think it's because I use bath & body works lotion every day and it attracts them or something. My legs are a mess and I refuse to put on slacks in 100 degree temps!!

Hope you get the fleas under control. Maybe you could train them and have your own little flea circus. It would be cool to see if you could get little teeny tiny knitting needles for them! Ok, so I've offically lost it today!

Have a great day, and tell the guys not to shave their legs dry!! hehe

Share said...

Holder! :D I'm one of those crazy ones that have multiple projects/events schedule for the Ravelympics. Um, 32 in all, YIKES! And yes, I'm crazy! LOL

Hope your flea situation resolves quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy. I submitted my name to knit squares for Insanknitty's blanket. Your riddle is about - I think - a knitting needle case, and - here's the important part of my comment - have you ever tried essential oils to keep the fleas away? We put a drop or two of lemongrass essential oil in our Shih Tzu's shampoo once a week in warm weather. You can also make sprays or mists. The best oils to use, and some of them are so reasonable to buy, like $3.99 or so, are citronella, cedar, peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass (our favorite) and lavender. Here's a good website: Or, email me and I have books and books with simple recipes you can use.

Blessings, Kandilion in IN

Lil Knitter said...

YAY for caving and joining the Dish Rag Tag! I knew you couldn't resist.

I have seen cheerleaders for the Ravelympics so you should totally become a cheer leader. We can get you a nice little cheer leader Ravatar. I've seen a few cute ones already.

Good luck with the fleas...those things are tough to get rid of.


Anonymous said...


I always love your rhymes. Good luck with the fleas. I wish I could join Dish Rag Tag... but being in Canada I'd have to organize my own and I don't have the time.

I'm definitely sending Michelle some squares. Now to check out your free patterns ;)

Kenyetta said...

I hope your fleas leave soon!

Wendy said...

Holder is the answer...Try a dro of dish soa in a shallow dish, placed on the floor under a night light...alos put "Borax" powder laundry detergent on you rug, let set at least half a day,,,Then vaccum, disposing of the bag or emptying the both aof these things for at least a week...We had fleas so bad when we had the house, and we bombed, and such and finally got rid of them this way...

sailorcross said...

Well, the answer just has to be "holder"! I don't have one--mine are just all semi-organized in a glass jar and some in an old cookie tin!

Fleas--our kitties got them last year--I don't know how--they never go outside!! But, it was horrible! We bombed three times and had to have the kitties dipped at the grooming place before they went away. Good luck with this!

Now, I'm headed over to offer up prayers and squares. Thanks for letting me know about this.

I knew it!! I knew it!! Hope we're on the same DRT team!!


Jess P. said...

holder. :) I joined Ravelympics with very high ambitions. But I guess you don't make it to the Olympics without ambition. I can't wait until cast on time!

Anonymous said...

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