Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday- Working For The Cure

Morning I am running a little late again as I was working on another dishcloth design. I have one going in a BC awareness calendar in January, but I really wanted to sell some in the ETSY store with all the proceeds supporting the cause. So I decided to design a second cloth. I have a couple more ideas as well, maybe eventually I will have an assortment. Anyway... here is the rough draft of my first graph. I need to run it by Shelly for approval since we are working together on this. I haven't tried knitting it yet but maybe later today or tomorrow, I'll keep you posted.

It's already after 10am and I still have to go to the bank before therapy so let's get onto the CONTEST STUFF


This is something I LOVE to do
And I bet some of you do too
It only takes an idea you see
It can be what you want it to be
Pencil and paper can be your tool
And what you discover is so cool
You may think you can't but you can
If you try you'll become a faithful fan
All it takes is a thought on your part
And then you're off and ready to start
Don't be afraid to try something new
We can all learn, yes even me and you
What we will have are new things to knit
And we will have a new title, can you guess it?

Ok there you go... can you solve the riddle? Post your answer in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest for one of Bea's awesome small project bags. Your guess doesn't have to be right, heck you don't even have to guess if you don't want to. Just leave a comment and you are IN.

I have church tonight so not sure how much knitting I will get to today. Hopefully something while I rest up after water therapy today.

Oh and before I forget I just wanted to mention the Special Olympics... now that the Summer Olympics are over, the Special Olympics are getting ready for Winter in 2009. If you are interested in supporting them click here to see what they are looking for. Thanks Jane for reminding me about this. I will add a link on my side bar in case you don't have time to check it out today.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

See you tomorrow.


Jane said...

A Designer - like you!

That's a great dishcloth design, can't wait to see it worked up.

Unknown said...

charting? Graphing?
You made this one tough for me today, LOL.
I'm going to start on my Special Olympic Scarves when I get at least one done for the red scarf project.

I like the idea of the Breast Cancer cloth. Are there any scarf charities for them? I love pink!!

Lil Knitter said...

Designer. And you are definitely a good one! I love that new design and I'm sure it will be great knitted..just like the one in the calender.

Turtle said...

thanks for sharing, i am going to have to make this for a couple of my clients..gotta get pink, they are all doing the 3 day walk.

Wendy said...

I see others have said Designer, but I tell you I have not the slightest clue as to the answer otherwise. I do love the cloth and I can not knit by a graph has to be put into words for me..BUT I can crochet by a graph and just may have to make one in crochet (though for you also....)

Kenyetta said...

This was a tricky one-designer?
Nice cloth, I think I will knit it in October.

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

The only thing I can think of is designer, too. That's a great design!! Now, I just remembered that I'm supposed to be doing this, too!! (learning to design that is!)

Thanks for your comment yesterday, and you are so right!! I know it, but sometimes these things just get ahead of me--I'm sure you know what I mean.


Have a wonderful worship tonight! I wish my church had a mid-week service. We're now expanding to three services on Sunday. I was hoping for something small during the middle of the week, but expanding the Sunday service is the direction God is leading.

SimplyMe said...

I can't answer this one. The answer doesn't RHYME!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!! It's better than the picture I had in my head.

RoamingKnitter said...

Designer, of course. And you have designed some great patterns and the new BC cloth is right up there on top with the rest.

I am about half way through the K2P2 Special Olympics scarf. Unless you want to knit in your sleep, use another pattern. I have already picked out a couple others for more scarves.

ikkinlala said...

I think the answer is designer.

Katie O said...

designer!! I love the riddles!! :) Hope you are well. Sad the contest is almost over... but will be here until the next one! :)

Sew Many Stitches said...

I think design a pattern or graph also.

katerina said...

Ah, to be a pattern designer - I know you say it's easy but the ideas never get from my head to the paper - I think they'd get lost in translation ;)

The dishcloth is beautiful - love to see it knit up!

mamarara said...

The answer is designer but it really didn't ryhme. I was very baffled.

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