Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday- Scarf it UP!!!!

Ok I saw this on Jane's Blog and you all know I can't say NO to anything, well almost anything, LOL So here I am advertising about this charity program and hoping you might all want to help support them on this their third year if helping these young people. Click on the picture below for complete details and time frames and even patterns.

And then Scout is having a contest to go along with theirs, if you comment on her blog and tell her you advertised this Red Scarf project you will be entered in her contest for a skein of sock yarn and $25.00 credit in her shop. You don't even have to commit to making a scarf you just need to advertise. That's a WIN WIN if you ask me. Click on the picture below to visit her blog.

This picture is of 5 odd sized squares I have ready for Maggie, I have more squares done but I'll show them tomorrow.

I received in the mail yesterday the book for this months Mystery read a long on WhoDuKnit
Now finding time to read and make 75 squares and a red scarf, lol

Hmm I MUST be PLAINS CRAZY.... hahahahahahahahahaha

If you are interested in the WhoDuKnit book club click on this book for more details, OK?

I guess that's about it for me today... I have a lot to do and Adam is here.

Remember all comments over the weekend still count towards this weeks prize of the sheep needle holder. And I already have next weeks prize lined up, so make sure to check back on Monday for details. OK?

See you Sunday


Turtle said...

love that charity as well! great knitting! Hey...nudge it's finally saturday!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, you must have known I was on a scarf kick to post about it, LOL. the squares look great, I can't wait to see the rest. How's it coming?
Now I have to go check out the book thing you mentioned. Have a great day!!

Kenyetta said...

Enjoy your weekend! I am going to try to get some knitting done myself.

Lil Knitter said...

Goodness woman! We really gotta learn that saying no thing.

That red scarf in the photo is gorgeous. I wish I had time to make one. I think I might not make it to the finish line with my Ravelympics projects. :(


sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!

No, you're not "Plains Crazy", and you have a doctor that will certify that fact for you!!

Love the red scarf--just beautiful!! And join the "I can't say no!" club!! I have the exact same problem--especially when it's for a worthy cause.

I'll check this one out!!

Feeling better today--how about you?


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