Sunday, August 17, 2008

Virtual Tour Of My Home Town

Welcome to another part of Upstate NY, after visiting the Catskills if you continue Northward for maybe an hour or so you will arrive to New York's Capital... Albany. I actually live in Watervliet but it is Albany County. I am only blocks away from the bike trail that runs along side the Husdon River, it's about 5 miles long, and ends in a park in Albany where all summer long the have Alive at 5 concerts on Friday's for free.

As you can see Albany is pretty centrally located and we are not far from several near by states, especially Vermont and Massachusetts.

This above picture is a view of the city along the Hudson River in the day light

And this picture above is a night scene of downtown... that saucer shaped building is called "the Egg"

The JP Cruise liner is docked along the river right near where the bike trail starts so on any day you can see the boat traveling along with it's day and night cruises. My father was actually married on this boat, that was a fun day.

Also in Albany we have a land and water boat, that takes you on a tour of the city. I have never taken this tour but hopefully one day, perhaps when you all come for the visit. The boat is called the Albany Aqua Ducks.

Across the river from me is the town of Troy... yes the official home of Uncle Sam.

I am also only minutes away from Saratoga Race Track and I have to tell you that place is hopping this time of year, the horses are racing for those wins everyday. And should you get tired of the horses there is a casino actually it's called a racino there too. Also a place I have yet to visit. I have however been to the track several times.

Continuing North you will hit beautiful Lake George... it's hard to explain, you just have to see it there. Ft William Henry, Six Flags, Outlet shops, cruises, beaches, you name it Lake George has it.

Interesting Facts about Lake George

The outlet of Lake George, called the LaChute River, descends 221 feet through a series of rapids and empties into Lake Champlain at Ticonderoga, a descent greater than that of Niagara Falls.

Railroad service started in Lake George on May 29, 1882 and provided service until November 11, 1957. The D&H Railroad Station is now in operation as a restaurant.

This is FT William Henry, you can tour the inside, it's great fun for the kids. I can't wait to bring Adam there next year. The Last of the Mohican's was told from here.

I am happy to say I am in a pretty central location and although Watervliet is a small town, only 11,000 people we are so close to everything around us that it's the perfect place to live, if you are
in NY that is. The Watervliet Arsenal is still here and still building tanks and things for the military.

And there you have it a brief tour from a non native New Yorker. I am sure I missed several things, but I bet if you come we will get them all in as well.

Thank you for visiting my home town, and make sure you come back again soon, OK?


Wendy said...

Thank you for the Virtual tour. Much more interesting than my neck of the woods, which moctly consists of corn fields, bean crops and Hay fields...Of course Attica does have some history of its own. Was in the late 1800's to early 1900's a logging community, The lake that my parents live by was a resort location. When the saw mills went under so did the town of Attica. It is now a farming commnuity....

Unknown said...

oohh, what a great idea. I like it! Upstate NY is vry pretty, do you get lots of snow? Maybe next time I'm up that way we can have a sit n knit!

Jane said...

Thanks for a great tour! I will return!!!

Joyce said...

Kathy, what a great tour! I drove through Albany this summer on my way to the Rochester for a mini-vacation, and wanted to explore. It sounds like there is lots to see :)

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