Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday- Can You Guess What Today Is?

Well I am running LATE LATE LATE today. I guess I am still tired out from my workout yesterday, LOL. Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Actually I ordered myself some sock yarn today. I am insane. I couldn't help myself I saw the colorway and my fingers just opened the ETSY store and hit order. Wanna see the yarn???
Yeah you can see why I had to have it, huh? Guess I'll have to skip lunch for a month but I am trying to lose weight, right? Oh if you wanted to check out the ETSY shop click here.

OK let's get onto CONTEST STUFF


Below is a picture taken of some stashed knitting magazines. Can you guess how many are in this pile?

Post your guess in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest for the Knitters Gadget Jackpot prize. Remember just a guess is all you need to do, doesn't matter if you are correct or not. OK?

PS thank you Jane for sharing your stash photo for the contest today.

I have a HUGE week coming up and it all starts tomorrow. Adam comes tomorrow for the weekend, I am a moderator on a yahoo group now and tomorrow starts a tutorial/KAL on how to design a dishcloth. I am new to this moderator business and new to teaching how to design, since I am still a novice myself, but I am praying that God will give me wisdom and direction through it all.

Haven't touched the socks again since Tuesday, maybe I can do a little more today.

Gosh I know I had more to say but my mind is blank, and it's so late I guess I'll just publish and save it for tomorrow.

Enjoy the day, do something you enjoy, say something nice to someone just because you can, be a light in the darkness, and remember nothing will happen today without God's approval and provision.




ikkinlala said...

That's gorgeous yarn!

I'm guessing 26 magazines.

Anita O said...

guess I'm the first one today. I guess 30 magazines.
Love the colorway. Can't wait to see the finished socks.
I know you'll do great on your yahoo group!! Going to check it out now.

RoamingKnitter said...

Wish I could touchy-feely the yarn. Bet it is as soft as it is beautiful.

My guess is 25 wonderful, fun magazines.

You can pull off the moderator easy-peasy. The tutorial may take a little more time, but I have full faith in you and Him.

leah said...

Gorgeous yarn! I can see why you hit order! I would guess 33 magazines!

Wendy said...

I shall say 35 magazines...I just love the yarn..yes I do see why you had to have it....
Hope you have a great day today, and rest up for the weekend.......

Katie O said...

I guess 29 magazines. The sock yarn is gorgeous!!!

BellaMama said...

That looks like 49 magazines.
I really like the red in the yarn, need to see it in sock form!
*How did you do that edge for the sock you posted yesterday?

Kandilion said...

I need to learn how to make socks, but then ... that would just be aNOTHER addiction! I'm going to say 25 magazines, and I'd like to look through every single one of them!

Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

That yarn is beautiful! I'm going to guess 27 mag's.

Share said...

I'll say 27. :D Yummy yarn! And now I have to go figure out how to make adult size socks out of sock yarn instead of kids size worsted weight! LOL

Maria said...

My guess is 32......

Lil Knitter said...

I can see why that finger hit the button...that is gorgeous!! I'll have to pop over and check out the store. *i will not order..repeat to self*
I'm guess there's 29 magazines. What a stash!

Kenyetta said...

I am going high-50!
Have fun this weekend with Adam.

sailorcross said...

I'm going to guess 28 magazines. Got to go check out this group you're moderating. Is it a new group?

Talk to you soon.



sailorcross said...

Oh, and I forgot--that yarn is just gorgeous. I found a site today where you can send in a picture of something that you REALLY like, and they will hand dye your yarn to those specifications!! Pretty neat, huh?

Beth again!

mamarara said...

my guess is 33. That yarn is gorgeous.

Jane said...

Very yummy yarn - I won't guess on the magazines!

Turtle said...

Hmmm, 24? Just got in from work, so unwinding a bit and then must figure out what the troops have done today! (and pick up behind them!!) enjoy playing with your pretty new yarn!

BrineS said...

My guess is 25!


kadezmom said...

What colorway IS that sock yarn, you etsy lover, you!!! This morning I thought you were all abou the rhubarb. Crazy woman! Love it!

Talk to you soon!

Oh, what the hey..... 36 mags

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