Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday- The fun begins today

Ok I have added the rules to the contest in the side bar. Nothing too hard, I like to KISS (keep it simple ...) I am looking forward to two months of contest stuff. Hopefully I can keep it all fresh for everyone.

As usual I was indecisive as to what the prize would be this week and after several hours just this morning I decided on 2 balls of cotton yarn, enough to make two dishcloths. I thought the yellows would be a perfect color for a "sunny" summer contest kick off.


Tuesday is try a new stitch day. I am starting to find this assignment one of my favorites. I am all about learning new stuff. You don't need to create a whole dishcloth or anything unless you want to, just a swatch to see what the stitch looks like, if you like how it works up and then have for a reference for future projects. I will be trying this out right along with you and will post my swatch tomorrow.


Works on an odd number of stitches. (ie: cast on 35)

Rows one through four: Knit.

Row Five: (Knit two together, yarn over), repeat to last stitch and knit the last stitch

Repeat five rows until desired size ending on row 4

Tell us how you like this stitch pattern, share what color you decided to test it out in, perhaps you are already familiar with it what have you made using this stitch technique? Whatever, just leave a comment today for your entry. Even if you don't have time to try any comments counts. OK?

Okay then looks like we are off and running. I hope you are all excited, I sure am.

Have a wonderful day.


Wendy said...

I will be trying this stitch out in just a few...I love the try a new stitch also...Expands my new knitting horizons....
Have a great and blessed day....

Turtle said...

i will also try this stitch out today, in a lime green, bright margarita lime! will let you know what i think! enjoy your day Kathy!

Jane said...

Oh goody - contest time again. I love your contests! I'll be trying out the new stitch later today and will post on my blog.

Wildflower said...

This new stitch looks good. I tried with some shades of spring and like it. I might use this stitch for another dishcloth. Thanks again for this nice stitch.

Katie O said...

I looked the stitch up and it looks very nice... not sure if i have used it before... maybe I'll get to it tonight... trying to get ready to go to work tomorrow:( Oh well, gotta work sometimes!! :) Yea for contests!

krazy4katz said...

Perfect timing - I just picked up some cotton yarn, so I'll give this a whirl tomorrow!

Lil Knitter said...

YAY...contest time!!!
You know..you would make an excellent knitting instructor.
Don't know if I'll get to try this stitch but I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.

ikkinlala said...

I tested this one out in a weird olive-greenish colour - my practice yarn. My grandma sometimes buys me yarn at garage sales, and if I don't like it or can't tell what it is (or at least figure out how it should be washed) I use it for swatches.

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

That's funny you should pick that stitch. I just used that for my part of a traveling scarf, and I love it!!

I've been away for a little while---I finally posted on my blog last night. Check it out to find out where I've been!!

Glad to see you're In The Gathering Room. Did you sign up on their web page too??


Jane said...

I made my swatch - an easy, pretty stitch. There is a photo on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love those colors.


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