Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday- Sharing my Swap and More

Okie Dokie... The weekend is here. I am sitting here waiting for them to call and say Adam is ready to come over. There is a birthday party today for my niece who is turning 3 and we want to bring Adam. he loves it up there with all the kids.

In the meantime I guess I'll share a couple pictures. First this is the swap stuff I received from Anita O that I mentioned yesterday. My camera doesn't do the colors on thew cloth justice, it's absolutely beautiful. I have been wanting to do this pattern and now I am sure I will, it's called Circles and it's from Smarieknits, who by the way I consider a friend now thanks to blog world. LOL.

Close up of the dishcloth

This is a pattern I designed for a yahoo group I belong to called WhoDuKnit... I have mentioned them here before but it's a group of knitters and crocheters who read a mystery novel each month and then we make something that we thought of while reading the book. Occasionally we have a mystery KAL and this month it was this... Obviously I did not block it, but I swear I am going to learn it by the end of this weekend. I HAVE to. I wish Rachel would come over to help me, only need hands on training once and then I am good to go, LOL her blocking skills are over the top, just beautiful. But I am sure you already know that.

I also made a beret hat for my WhoDuKnit project from the last mystery I read (PD James book) I didn't care for the book but I was glad I read it, because it has awakened my desire to read again, it has been years. Anyway I couldn't find a beret pattern I liked so I finally settled on this one... but I modified it drastically and then I felted it. LOL... I am calling it "Killer Beret" now after felting I'll be lucky if it fits on a doll head, but hey, it was fun anyway. LOL Here are the pictures... before and after felting.

I have been working on filling an ETSY order and have 1 dishcloth and 1/2 of a hot pad left to do. I should have them all ready to mail on Monday. That is if I learn to block the dishcloths, lol, oh man, oh man, oh man. I'll show pictures of the dishcloth tomorrow hopefully the before and after blocking.

Oh and I am such a goof... I kept getting a message from Flickr that I had too many photos... so I went and cleaned them out... now all the projects I had on Ravelry... the photos are missing, oops.

Guess I'll be trying to re-create some pictures, LOL

Ok still no call from Adam I guess I am going to go call myself. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Remember even though no contest stuff over the weekend all comments still count. I'll announce the random drawing winner on Monday.



hakucho said...

Your beret is awesome...felting is so much fun!

Raymie said...

I find the hardest part of blocking is bending my lard butt over long enough to put the pins in. Oh and when I get the idea that it would be great to do it at 6pm on my bed, and of course its never dry by bedtime.

Turtle said...

felting very cool!!! have fun at the party!

magnoliasntea said...

Love the whoduknit cloth! WTG!
AnitaO did a great job on the Circles cloth. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I so hope Adam makes the party.

Love all the goodies. It sounds like a great group. I think when summer has died down I might join in.


Share said...

I know you'll have fun at the party and I hope Adam makes it! :D Blocking? We're supposed to do that? ;)

Lil Knitter said...

I hope Adam made it to the party.
Love your goodies and the hat.

Gotta go catch up on some previous posts....I am sooo behind this week.


leah said...

Love the beret! Looks like you've been busy! Have fun at the part and enjoy the time with Adam!

Katie O said...

Well, I hope you got adam and he gets to play with the kids. It's really cruel what they are doing, by jerking him around. She's using him like a pawn and that is awful. Makes her look horrible. I feel for you all of you. HUGS!!!

Wendy said...

Love the hat and cloth...and the goodies...we all love goodies.........
Hope you had a great day......

Nellie B. said...

I blocked my first dishcloth last night. I used Rachel's instructions. I got the dishcloth very wet. I then "stamped" the background stitches with a crochet hook and my fingers. It worked. The letters popped right out. After it looked right, I placed it on a cooling rack.


Jane said...

Love your killer beret! Great project!

RoamingKnitter said...

The beret is cute. Circles is now on my to-do list. What a great cloth. The mysteries I'm sticking with right now are the "cozies" knitting mysteries. Can't get into the heavier, darker stuff.

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