Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday, hardly, come on you know me

Yeah I have thought about doing Wordless Wednesday but golly I always have something to say. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to say it all with just a picture, but so far not yet.

During contest time though I hope to minimize my personal stuff during the week and then catch you all up over the weekends.

Yesterday we tried a new stitch. I was pleased to see so many of you tired it. I used some white acrylic I happened to have near me for my swatch, the picture isn't the greatest but here is how it came out.

I think it would make a pretty strong dishcloth, but I would definitely have a border on the sides to help it maintain it's shape better. It was fairly easy and worked up quick. I casted on 15 stitches for my swatch.

Today's Contest Assignment: WEDNESDAY IS GUESS DAY

Below is a picture of a stash of Cotton yarn, some new some used, your assignment is to guess how many different balls or cones of cotton are shown in this picture.
Post your guess in the comment section to receive an entry today in this weeks contest. PLEASE don't be afraid to guess, right or wrong you still get an entry, OK?

Thank you Wendy for sharing your stash pictures with me and if anyone else has some unusual pictures to use for future Wednesday guess days please feel free to email them to me. I can use them all, anything knitting/craft related.

Well that's about it for me today. Don't forget to send your friends over as well. The more people that come to play the better.

Have a wonderful day, knit something that makes you happy, I plan on it.



Wildflower said...

My guess is 35.

Wendy said...

I won't guess, since I already know the answer.....I did do the swatch of the stitch pattern, and like it...I figure if I make a cloth out of it, I will do some knit rows, and also add a border on the make it look finished.
Did you call the doctor??

Turtle said...

Hmmmm, 33. I admit by the time i got home from work last night i did not get to knit. Tonight hopefully though i am booked solid again!

Share said...

I'm going to say 31. (Oddball number I know.) :D

ikkinlala said...

I'll guess 26.

Anonymous said...


Lil Knitter said...

Wow, that's a nice stash of yarn there. I'll guess 30 but I'm betting it's more.
Gotta go put my button back up for your contest.

Anonymous said...

There are easily 24 cones there.........thanks for doing contests like this......makes the days more fun!!
always alice

Kenyetta said...

I am going with my age-33!

Jane said...

I counted 24 - but of course there may be some hiding underneath - sneaky person that you are LOL.
Yesterday's swatch is on my blog.

Ruth said...

I think it is agout 32. Right or wrong, it doesn't matter.


Mary Ann said...

You're sneaky, so I'm going to say 34. Want to share it? lol

I'll try to get here tomorrow, but not sure if I will. Dh is planning on going to Daytona the next few days for all the Nascar festivities and some of the races!

I'll try to get here when I can!

Katie O said...

I think 34.... storming like crazy here tonight... road is flooded by the apartment, but hopefully no one hurt or without power!

Anonymous said...

Your stash is scaring me! I try not to stash, just buy yarn as the projects come along. But there seems to be a lot of yarn in the boxes under my bed.

No guesses, just wanted to say hi!

SimplyMe said...

oh Good Grief...that's a lot of that your stash, or Wendy's? Wow. Wow. Wow.

Varoooooooooooooooooom. Hope to catch you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! All of those cones make me feel so creative...I have to go liberate my own stash now...and I'll guess 25...

amy said...

wow - cotton galore. my guess - 38.

thanks for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

That is some awesome stash.


Prairiemouse said...

My guess is 25 wonderful colors!!

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