Monday, July 28, 2008

MONDAY- We made it to the Halfway Point

Week 5 is here, we have hit the halfway point in the contest. It's great to still see everyone coming by each day. Week 1 we had 77 comments, week 2 we had 86 comments, week 3 we had 90 comments and last week we had 106!!!!

Well I never did get to the blocking. I ended up babysitting my nephew Sunday after church which meant my niece and her friend were over too and well it was noisy and chaotic and I just didn't get to it. So here are the pictures, unblocked... I made two of the heart dishcloths (one of my free patterns) and there are 4 of the hot pads (the picture is a little dark, but they are navy

OK onto CONTEST STUFF... First let's send out a SHOUT of HOORAY and CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of last weeks prize (sock yarn and harmony circular needles) comment #68 was chosen by my trusty random generator and the winner is TEA. This was from her comments on Thursday with the caption photo... I believe the winning comment was "What'd ya say?" Well TEA what I am saying is YOU WIN, lol... Adam is giving you a cheer too.

Now onward to today's CONTEST ASSIGNMENT and this weeks PRIZE

MONDAY... BRAGGING rights are yours today. Tell us what you have been up to this past week, did you find any new patterns to try, did you finish a WIP that's been hanging around too long? Whatever, maybe you just organized your stash. Whatever you did tell us.

Post it in the comments section and receive an entry today for this weeks prize (pictured below and also on the side bar fore the week). All you need to do is leave a comment for an entry, so get to it... you might just be the lucky winner this week.

(note I put some yarn in the yarn sleeve to demonstrate but the yarn is not part of the prize, just the sleeve, lol)

Well I guess that's about it for me. I have a few things to finish up around here before I head off to the Y for water therapy.

Have a wonderful day, find a reason to smile and then share it with another.
Your comments always make me smile.



Jane said...

What a great prize! You are amazing, giving away all these prizes! Okay, so what did I accomplish...well, I finished the WHODUKNIT cloth, started an Irish Hiking scarf, and crocheted a little hat for my granddaughter's new 'build a bear' teddy, named Lola. I'll have a photo on my blog as soon as I meet Lolo and give her the new hat.
Enjoy your water therapy today - hope there is no TOM!

Unknown said...

Knitter's Gadget Jackpot, yeah I agree with that. Glad to see so much traffic on your site. Maybe I should hold a contest...

Ok, what I have done the past week? I set a goal of finishing 3 UFO's for July. I finished (and gifted) one, one is nearly done, and the 3rd...well not so much.
Started on a pair of socks on 2 circs. Working on a large kitchen towel, and of course dishlcoths!!

leah said...

Yeah Tea!!! Congrats!! I finished some Christmas stockings that had been sitting around for years! It felt so good to have them done!!!

Wendy said...

Congratulations Tea.......No bragging rights here....I am boo hooing because of lack of Fiber Therapy...Maybe, just maybe, today I will get to sit and play....
Big Hugs

Katie O said...

I sent out lots of resumes over the weekend. I also unpacked my travel bag(which made me sad). I also finished a baby blanket. I am working on a shawl for my grandma. Hugs

Mimi said...

Congrats Tea!

As for me, I'm so excited about my sweater (that will take me forever)... I finally go to the point where I can do the front and back separately -- I had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to put that many stitches on a stitch holder, but I think I figured out a way! I'm now just getting ready to finish up the back... Make sense?

Unknown said...


A really great prize!!!

I finished felting TWO projects (one of which has been on the needles since January -- 2008, fortunately). My kids are fascinated with the whole felting process.

Have a great day!

Share said...

I've been working on my 3 Buddy Bags and having fun adapting the finger puppet pattern to other designs. I've also been working on organizing my 15 :cough: patterns for the Ravelympics. :D

Turtle said...

love the pic of adam! and congrats to tea!!!
I actually put a quilt together that was from last fall as a siggie swap. Two swappers flaked so i had to make 2 extra squares, the theme was nature/spiritual. I like it but may do some embellishing still. I then made a few catnip stuffed toys (one for stalker kitty and one for the neighbors cat) with extra fabrics. Knitting i am still working on the whispering pines shawl and STR may socks...slow i am at toe up! I have also been working on socks (basic) with some homedyed yarns i did, i take these on the ferry to work with me and knit on the deck!

Kenyetta said...

Awesome prize this week!
I finished a tank for myself, Knitty's Coachella, wrapped up a skirt of my youngest, Barefoot Knit's Twirly skirt, and started a top for my oldest, ADHD knitting's Stitch-torian Sweater. Whew....

magnoliasntea said...

Wowee!!! Go Adam!! He sure knows how to cheer! Thanks Kathy & everybody for the congrats! The contest is a lot of fun.

Love the cloths & hot pads!

RoamingKnitter said...

Congrats, TEA. I got new glasses but still can't see the detail of the hot pads! lol The cloth is great, even unblocked.

I finished a test-knitting project and am hoping the designer will post the pattern soon so I can show what I did. I'm working on a lapghan, a shopping bag and a kid's hat. Maybe next week I can say they are FOs.

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations, Tea!

I didn't get a lot of knitting done, but I did start the second sock for a pair that I've been working on for a long time.

MamaMay said...

I haven't gotten much knitting done, but I have been surviving midnight breastfeedings by searching the net. Hubby is home now too so I might actually be able to knit more!

Dorothy Noreen Hunter-Talbot said...

I have actually had a busy and productive week. I finished the KAL for my cloth makers yahoo group, test knit a pattern that will be used for a support breast cancer awareness calendar, got three more boxes of stash yarn sorted and put up on my shelves, helped my grand kids finish some of their crafts, decided to see if I could create a dishcloth by using a stitch pattern from A Treasury of Knitting and I did. I even got a picture of it posted on my blog. I have managed to keep up with the KAL lines with Rachel's group and am almost finished the 2nd of 4 KAL cloths from another group. All in all I have been very blessed this week.

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