Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday- Washing away Worries

I swear thinking of the title for the days blog is the hardest part about blogging. I try never to repeat them and I tell you I am running out of ideas fast, LOL. Guess that's the price to pay for blogging everyday.

As for the situation with our dog Lady, she is still here. I have some very awesome friends who are very involved with dog rescue and the shelters etc. and one of them has offered to come and get Lady and see what can be done and handle it for me. This is a huge relief. Not sure when it will happen but I feel all the worries washing away.

I mentioned yesterday that I received some yarn I won in a contest a few months ago. This picture doesn't do it justice but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. It's a lovely shade of purple with a pink sparkle like tinsel in some spots. Does that make sense? Not sure exactly what kind of yarn it is, I am new to knowing that, up until a few years ago I thought acrylic was all there was, lol. It might be wool. I think maybe I have enough to make a scarf, but not sure.

OK having a HUGE thunderstorm right now but hopefully I can finish this blog before the power or Internet goes out. Looks pretty dark out the window.



I am something that everyone would love to get
Some have gotten some already and some not yet
It's always fun when you see it's for you
It will make you smile even if you are blue
This may not make you rich or popular or give you fame
But regardless we all want one just the same
If you want it though you must do something first
Not trying at all would just be the worst
But when you do there will be a light in your eyes
When you discover you are the winner of me a contest ?????

OK there you go... post in the comment section your guess to the answer to this riddle and receive another entry in this weeks contest. As always, your answer does not need to be correct you just need to try. Or if you don't want to try, no problem, just leave a comment.

Don't forget to send your friends over to play too, and remember if you have this contest linked on your blog you receive and extra entry each week.

I guess that's it for me today. I actually made something with yarn yesterday, maybe I can repeat it again today and make something else. Pictures to follow this weekend.

Have a wonderful day, let God wash away all your worries, He loves to carry them for you because He can.

Mat 11:28
Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.


Unknown said...

Good morning!

I think I would guess the answer would be love.

Have a great day.

leah said...

Lovely yarn! Can't wait to see what you make with it! the riddle....not sure!

Wendy said...

"Prize" I thought for sure that yesterday we were going to get hit big time by storms.......but they went all around us, instead we just got a nice steady rain for awhile, that cooled it off nicely...Hope the weather does not get too bad there......
Have a blessed day........
Big Hugs

ikkinlala said...

... prize!

Unknown said...

could it be "prize"?
All the storms passed us. Now you have them. I'm glad the humidity and heat are gone, though now I don't have a reason to go into my bedroom and knit (only room with AC).

sheep#100 said...

I think it is a smile! :o)

Anonymous said...

a prize!

I'm glad someone is there to help you with Lady.

I love that yarn!

Share said...

Prize! :D Very pretty yarn! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Jane said...

I have already been the lucky recipient of one of yours - prize that is!

Katie O said...

Love the yarn. I am a PRIZE!! woot!

sailorcross said...

The answer has to be prize, and I won one already--just beautiful. The very first prize I have ever won!!

Your yarn is lovely, and I think there is enough to make a scarf. I made one last winter for a friend, and I only used two hanks.

I'm glad you have someone to help you with Lady. A friend is always there for you.


Mary Ann said...

Prize!! I'm happy to hear that the burden is getting lighter for you as far as your dog is concerned.

I went to my craft club today and announced that we're having a craft fair on Nov.1. Everyone seemed happy. Want to have a table? hehe

Talk to you tomorrow!!

Turtle said...

i would have to guess prize as i kept envisioning a mailcarrier delivering a goodie while reading it! beautiful yarn Kat!! (le sigh, is it the weekend yet??)

smariek said...

I'd have to say "prize" which rhymes with "eyes".

Mimi said...

Well, I think it's prize as well -- but I think Love and Smile are good answers too!

Love the yarn! It's beautiful!

hakucho said...

Gorgeous the color :)

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