Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Spoke Sunday... and I Listened

Well yesterday was not a good day TOM wise. I was pretty sure there would be no way I could go to church today. I already missed Wednesday because of the UTI so I wasn't happy at all. But my son Jim who comes to church with me had to work so I would have to drive myself. Not a good idea. So I woke up and was going to call the pastor to let him know I wouldn't be there but felt led to open my email first. Why?

Because God had something to say to me. You know God speaks to us in many different ways. Probably because we would learn to tune Him out like we can a barking dog or whining child if it was always the same. God is always the same but they way's He speaks to us is ever changing. Anyway I digress... The first email I saw was from some thing I signed up for daily inspiration years ago. After the 1st year I stopped reading them, I didn't like the new agey direction they were going in. But I never canceled the subscription. Now I know why... the subject line (the only part of this email I ever even glance at) said "Skipping Church?"

Yeah I read that and bells and horns and sirens went off in my head. I did not call the pastor, and I drove myself to church. I was glad I did. Worship was refreshing and healing. The Word was encouraging and it was Communion Sunday too. The Word was on OBEDIENCE (the dreaded O word) and well could it really have been about anything else?

I have been working on a few other projects this week, this is a KAL form one of my Yahoo groups The Gathering Room... this was the progress after three days, I don't have a newer picture yet.

And these are the sock blockers I have been meaning to make for months now. I saw the idea on Debs blog ages ago and well finally decided to make a quick set. I LOVE them, and wow so easy.
I think the link to the tutorial is Super East Sock Blockers DIY

Aren't they the neatest things? These are for a small adult or large child size and I was actually able to get 2 sets off of one place mat. I am sure the larger adult size will only get one set and maybe 1 foot off a sheet, I have 4 sheets left so I will be playing around with the sizes.

I also wrote and test knitted a pattern for my mystery knitting group WhoDuKnit and will be hosting my first KAL ever over there this month. I also have a few projects to work on based on the PD James book I read last month. We also started reading a new book for July. I haven't even started mine yet, maybe tonight. Gotta love summer and the fact that there is nothing to watch on TV, LOL.

Then there are the SWAPS I joined. And the monthly KAL's from Rachel's, Shirley's, Knit dishcloths and Monthly dishcloths. Yeah I have a lot on my plate this month, but it's all fun. Right?

Oh and the Ravelrympics... haven't decided if I am going to attempt that one, really I am not in that good of shape, lol.

Wow am I a little LINKY today? Maybe I better get off of here before I think of more.

I will be announcing the winner from last weeks contest tomorrow morning and announcing a first ever prize offered on one of my blog contests, I know you will all want this one, so make sure you come back all next week.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, and remember God is always talking, listen to what He has to say, you will not be disappointed.



Anonymous said...

What an excellent idea for blockers! Must get Dave to rustle me a pair up!

Lil Knitter said...

Whew...I'm tired just reading all the things you have going. I thought about the Ravelrympics but decided that's just too much pressure. lol
I need to make some of those sock blockers! Much more reasonable than buying a set.

sailorcross said...

Hi Kathy!!

It sounds like you have a lot going on--but I'm glad that you listened to God and went to church today. Sometimes when I feel like not going and then I go, I know that it's the best place in the world for me to be.

What are those sock blockers made out of?? Did you say placemats??

I'm joining Tabita's SAL. Finally, maybe, I'll conquer the great mystery of socks!!

When am I going to find the time to do this?? I have no idea!!

Talk to you soon!!


Anonymous said...

OMG hon I'm tired just reading all that. LOL how do you get it all done?


Susan said...

I have had good luck with cranberry juice and cranberry pills
for uti prevention- you have a great blog!

Wildflower said...

You have a great blog.

Katie O said...

Sounds like you had a good day despite the health stuff. Been a rough day here, but lots of praying has helped the cause... Have a great day tomorrow...

SimplyMe said...

and I thank you for also looking up the downpours for us today. You rock! Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!


Jane said...

You are an inspiration!
And what a great idea for sock blockers.

hakucho said...

Your sock blockers came out great!! I made coasters out of all my scraps.

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