Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday- Thinking in Rhymes and Riddles again, oh my

Not sure if you noticed this over to the right in my side bar but it's for an online yarn shop. If you click on the picture over in the side bar it will bring you right to the shop. And I will get some credit for that which will lead to free yarn. Yeah I am all about free stuff. Plus there is kind of a race to see who gets the most yardage or something like that, I just started yesterday so I'm a little new at it all. But the bottom line is if you click on the link I get credited, and if you buy something I get credited more. And you can always sign up too and join the race with me, LOL

The answer to yesterday's guess picture was 33 full and/or partially used cones of cotton. Yes I was drooling over all that cotton too. I just have an assortment of balls, but to have cones in all those colors, well that would be a dream.

Thanks again Wendy for sharing one of your stash photos with us.

Onto Contest Today's Contest Assignment

Thursday is RIDDLE day

Well in my perfect world there would be
A reason for all of us to meet you see
We could gather together and have fun
Looking at yarns that from wool were spun
We don't need Pampered Chef or Tupperware
Of things like that we have no need or care
No for us to enjoy our get together bash
All we need to do is bring our ???????

Post your answer to my riddle in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember you don't have to have a correct guess to get entered you just need to comment.

Tomorrow will be FIND the blogger who posted this MYSTERY picture. I will choose something from someone who comments today to make it a little easier for everyone to find, OK?

I know tomorrow is a holiday but I will still blog, I hope you get a chance to check in.

Have a wonderful day.


Wendy said...

"Stash" ........You are very welcome for the photos....I have been blessed by a VERY generous friend that use to work for Elmore Pisgah....She keeps me VERY well stocked in cotton, otherwise I would not have a single ball to play with. It does make it a little hard to decide what color to play with next, though....If I had some shipping money I would gladly share some of my stash...
Big HUgs...(I clicked for your yardage.)

Jane said...

Stash of course!

Anonymous said...

OM where have I been??? I've missed seven of our posts. WOW. I definitely have to check out that link.


Share said...

stah! :D I almost said 33 yesterday! It's my favorite number and since I already picked a number close (31) I thought maybe I should just make it that, but I didn't. :(

Now I'm gonna go click your yarn link and feel all better! LOL

Wildflower said...


Lil Knitter said...

Stash! But I can't carry all of mine. lol
Okay, now I gotta go see this little shop you're talking about and check out the race.

kimmipie42 said...

What we all have too much of yet wish we had more....stash.

ikkinlala said...


sailorcross said...

Stash, stash, stash--what is slowly taking over my bedroom!!!

I'm going to go now and click on that yarn site and see what that's all about!!

Talk to you tomorrow!!


Mary Ann said...

Stash of course!! LOL Great poem!

Anyone besides DJ you would like an autograph from? I probably won't get your answer in time. We'll be leaving at 6:30 am tomorrow and won't be home till after the race, so about midnight!

Won't see you tomorrow! Hope it doesn't rain! Hopefully I'll see you Saturday, if I'm able to walk over here to the computer after all the walking dh will have me doing tomorrow!! LOL

Katie O said...

stash! Oh yea, love the stash... I like mine... want to whittle it down so I can buy more stuff... :) lol

Turtle said...

I was thinking stash as well , hey hey hey, lol i guessed 33! (three has always been my good luck number, so twice by!) enjoy your holiday kat!!

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