Monday, July 21, 2008

Make The Most of Monday Mornings

Good morning. And it is good. Trouble may have come our way over the weekend but we survived. We are still standing. God is good. It all depends on where our roots are planted. And where our eyes are focused. I thought this cartoon described it perfectly. Mikes web site address runs up the side of the cartoon, go check it out, he is awesome. You can get these cartoons emailed to you as he writes them too, I do and I love it.


First off lets reveal the winner of last weeks contest. The 28th comment was chosen my the random number generator and the 28th comment was posted on Wednesday by MARI, CONGRATULATIONS Mari you will be choosing two patterns from the Harvest Moon pattern store. Of course she won't see this until Tuesday or Wednesday as she is away at a wedding without Internet service. What a great surprise to come home to.

I have updated the blog with this weeks contest prize information. I am calling it the Knitting Sock Kit, a circular sock size needle and enough sock yarn to make an adult pair of socks.

Now onto Monday's Contest Assignment...

Monday we ask ourselves a question... Today's question is...


Remember rules here are flexible if you can't think of anything or just don't want to tell, that's OK too, just leave a comment anyway about anything you like. Any comment counts, OK?

I've been keeping track of the comment totals...

Week 1 we had 77 comments
Week 2 we had 86 comments
Week 3 we had 90 comments

Think we can get 100 or more for week 4?

Also please remember to check the side bar for those other contest out there. Some are just as easy as mine, all you need to do is leave a comment. I update them daily as I find other contests. I like to share the wealth.

Today I go to water therapy and as you all know I LOVE water therapy but today I am going to love it even more, because this is the first time since I started a month ago that I will not have to deal with TOM in the water. It's a miracle I tell you, a miracle. There will be no holding back today, I can swim without fear.

Thank you Jesus.

Have a great day everyone, I KNOW I am going to.



Anonymous said...

WOW Sweetie you sure have had a full couple of days. I will definitely keep everyone in prayer and good thoughts that everything works out the way it should.


leah said...

Hardest know I enjoy a good challenge....I think endurance projects are the hardest for afghans. And yep it is finished. I don't leave to many UFO's sitting around! I think hubby would go crazy!!! He is supportive of my crafting, but not of leaving things unfinished! :)

Unknown said...

You are in my prayers . . .

As to the hardest or most challenging project, I would say working on the Mystery Shawl 3. I have put it away after getting through about half of the clues when I found an error, way back, I just had spent so much time on it and I have to pull it out and decide whether I can live with it or not.

Wendy said...

I shy away from the hard or challenging projects...Maybe if the kids were not so young and rambunctious I would give something a try but not right now...
Have a wonderful day today and Congratulations MARI.....

Jane said...

It was the Hemlock blanket (pattern on Ravelry). I frogged it so many times I finally gave up. I just kept comeing up with extra stitches at the end of the row - guess I can't count!
Enjoy your water therapy today!
P.S. What is TOM?

Raymie said...

Hardest Project has to be a cable afghan. It is not finished yet, but it's 3 years in the making so far. I finally reduced it to a lap blanket size and still haven't finished more than one panel.

amy-lynne......... said...

hey there... glad to hear that your week is starting off better than the week ended.... my most challenging project to date was bags... working in the round on circulars... i have been scared of kitr for years but finally gave in and i did take a few breaks in the beginning but once i got going and with help from my best buddy melanie i got the hang of it and now i am designing my own bags for the women in my family for christmas...

Share said...

Probably my most challenging was that Princess doll. Not that it was difficult, but probably wasn't the best choice for one of my first knitting projects. And that hair! It probably took me a month just to put all that in (cause I bore easily.) But I finally got her done and my DD absolutely loves her, so it was all worth it! :D

Have fun today!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kathy!
My most challenging project ever was the first pair of knitted socks. Wanting to make socks was the whole reason I learned to knit in the first place, so I knit them after just learning how..not smart. I knit three pairs & before I knew what was happening I was really burned out on socks. Kinda still am.

ikkinlala said...

I don't know if there's one project I'd consider the most challenging - the more difficult projects are also more interesting, so like Leah it's endurance projects that I find most challenging. I haven't made an afghan, but I once made a long scarf with very little patterning out of some fairly thin yarn. I did get it done eventually, but I took several breaks.

I've been so busy lately that I seem to be taking a break from most of my projects - I hope I can find some time to knit again soon.

Unknown said...

3 yrs ago I designed a baby blanket to match my new gds crib set. I designed a frog and a star and lily pads and grass and a dragon fly. It turned out beautiful. I have a photo of it somewhere here.
My gd is 3 now and she still uses that blanket every nite.
Hugs Patt

SimplyMe said...

I love how the numbers are going up, that is excellent!

Mary Ann said...

There are two projects that come to my mind. First was the Bronte Mitts, which I frogged at least 4 times and still haven't finished one! It's sitting in my bag.

The second one is a snowflake mitt that I test knitted. I completed one and I found it very hard. I haven't made the second one yet. It is my first two color knit project.

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, it means I've lost my internet for a short time. I'm hoping and praying that it doesn't happen, but we don't have the phone right now, so this is next!

Talk to you soon.

Kenyetta said...

Have fun at water therapy!
My most challenging is probably my first pair of toe up socks. I am still working on them, I just turned the heel and on the cuff.

Lil Knitter said...

Hmm....I thought it was going to be socks. They turned out to be not as bad as I thought. My most challenging would have to be the Icelandic Shawl which I have frogged and not started back yet. Hopefully I'll get back to it when the weather cools off.


smariek said...

I think my most challenging project was my very first real garment that required shaping and seaming, a vest for my mom which you can see here almost finished, they only needed the buttons at that point. I have finally found and sewn on buttons, but haven't had the attention span to sit down and type up a blog post about the finished vest yet. It's pretty sad that it has taken me this long to knit a little vest (started last November); i know there are so many people who can whip this up in a week or so.

sailorcross said...

My most challenging project is the socks I'm doing right now. They're coming along better than I thought they would though. I never in a million years thought I would knit socks, much less a pattern with cables!!

I think that I'll move on to a sweater at some time in the near future--that will be a challenge!

Glad your week is going better!


Also--what or who is TOM?


Katie O said...

Hope you had an ok weekend, sounds like it might have been challenging.

My most challenging project is my Civil War Shawl.(if you are on Ravelry, check it out... it's huge) Its a 5 ft across, lace, circular shawl. I am still working on it... it will get done some day. it is so challenging right now, that I work on it when i am not distracted with other things.

Mimi said...

Well, since I'm a newbie knitter just about everything I knit is a bit of a challenge.

I was really proud of myself for knitting the Anouk -- that was fun and the pockets were knit with 3 colors so that was a good challenge.

Right now, I'm doing a sweater and I need cable needles and stitch markers and counters and all sorts. Makes knitting in the round a bit more interesting I guess!

Cinders said...

I started a lace shawl from a U.K knitting mag. I manged the first pattern set after frogging several times and then got stuck on the second pattern set so I gave up!!
I love lace, but I dont think it likes me!!!
Enjoy your hydrotherapy. I love it when I go

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