Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, Freezing in New York

OK... not funny but our furnace broke last night and I am without heat in the house. Well we have the wood stove, but honestly that isn't cutting it. I am sitting here in my winter coat wishing I lived somewhere like oh the dessert, maybe??? Burrrrrr

Adam is on his way over as well, I told them it was cold over here but they didn't seem to mind. I could hear him in the background going... "Nana, Papa's??" so it looks like we will be snuggling together to stay warm today.

Wishing I was knitting or crocheting an afghan right about now. A dishcloth is wonderful, but for warmth, um no chance.

I did get the taxes done last night so that's a plus, I also managed to washt he dishes and do the laundry.

Perhaps today I will find something I can bake in the oven to try to warm it up down here. Anyone for some hot muffins?

I drew a winner this morning for the final week of January's contest and the winner is MamaMay from her comment posted on day 4. See you never know which comment is going to be the winner. Congratulations and happy shopping over at KnitWitsHeaven Please drop me an email so I can let you know how to get your free pattern, OK?

I also drew a name from the blogs that linked to my contest and the winner of this small thank you token is Melanie I need you to email me with your mailing address so I can send out your prize, I won't tell you what it is but I am sure you will like it.

No pictures today... I just haven't made anything new and Adam isn't here yet. I feel weird with no picture, and just my words.

I am feeling blessed though, even with everything seeming to go wrong, I still see God's hand working here. He is in control and will provide all we need. It's so easy to complain and worry and doubt, but when you look up, shut up and worship you just get that peace that it's all good. I will be thankful in all things.

I sure am thankful for all of you.

Eph 5:20 - Giving thanks - At all times and places. And for all things - Prosperous or adverse, since al] work together for good. In the name of, or through, our Lord Jesus Christ - By whom we receive all good things.


Lil Knitter said...

I hope you stay warm enough. We went 3 days with just the fireplace to stay warm after an ice storm. Just pull out all the blankets.
I will sure take a em when they're still hot. mmmmmm
Congrats to MamaMay! That will a hard Allie & Lisa's patterns.
Oh, yay me! Thank you! Made my day again. My morning didn't start out so good so you couldn't have timed that better. You just seem to know when someone needs a little hug. :)
I'll email you my info....thanks so much!

MamaMay said...

I am sorry you lost your heater. On cold days I would go on a baking frenzy and then make fruit leather using the oven method.

I can't believe I won the contest! I'll get an email/Ravelry mail with my email in it some time today.

Wendy said...

Congratulations to the 2 wonderful winners........Sending some very BIG WARM Hugs......Muffins, Yum...I will take 2 (have to share with the kids) I think maybe I will bake some cupcakes today...It is cold in here, again. Woke up to it only 67. We have no control over the temp, and were asked not to use the space heaters,(but I did for a bit yesterday).
Have a blessed day and try to keep warm........

Mary Ann said...

Congradulations to the winners!
I'm sorry to hear that your heater broke. I'll take one of those muffins!

Too bad that you haven't been working on an afghan. That would definitely keep you warm.

Stayed the same at my WI today. Considering what I had in the house to eat this week, I'm happy that I didn't gain!

Hope you and Adam have fun snuggling!

hakucho said...

This time of year having no heat is just awful. Keep your oven going baking delcious treats...that will keep you warm.

Snuggle up and hopefully it will be fixed promptly!!! (fingers crossed and praying for you :) )

SimplyMe said...

congrats momma may and melanie!!!! (I LOVE The alleration)

stay warm, and no more hanging yourself up on the arm rests!

Turtle said...

Congrats to the winners!

Sorry to hear about your stove Kathy, i have heard from my mom that the east coast is getting nailed with ice and low temps once again. At least you do have the wood stove to offset the temps a bit, and at least you also have power! December 2006 we were without both for over a week, and having not lived in the home long we did not dare butn in the fireplace (for fear of when it had last been cleaned) and our natural gas stove helped a little, but no power/no fan for the blower. So at least there are a few good things, i'm a glass half full kind of gal! Bundle up and keep any neighbors have a space heater you could borrow?

Anonymous said...

Oh hon I hope your furnace gets fixed real soon. When we were without electric for over a week we used our fireplace and hung up heavy blankets to block off the room. I know though you live in NY where the temps. really drop. I'll be praying for you hon!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are warmer today. Being from Saratoga Springs I remember how cold it gets up there!

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