Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Wrecking Weather

Well the weather in NY stinks today. Lot's of snow and freezing rain. My son smashed up his car on the way to work this morning. He wasn't hurt and he didn't hit any other cars so all is good. Now for those of you who remember I used to work for the insurance company that we are insured with. I of course called to talk to the agent, who up until today I always considered a close friend. Today I am not so sure. I'll leave it to say some of his words were not well received today, and the sad part is I don;t think he really realized what he was saying to me. It's sad because I worked for him for 23 years, and worked hard too, so hard it got me sick and eventually disabled. SIGH, I was sad today. I guess maybe I just need to pray for him more.

Adam is making great progress on the potty training today. he went several times on his own today and three times let me sit him on the potty chair to poop. We only used 2 diapers today, the rest of the time we were in big boy pants. He is back home with his mommy tonight, but we had a great day.

Church was canceled tonight so that gave me more time to work on the "real" sock. Here is a picture of my progress. I have turned the heel already and am working the foot, and then shaping the toe and it's done. I am really liking the looks of it. I think I'll get 2 full pairs out of this yarn too, that's great.

Not much else is new, I haven't been online much all I want to do is knit that sock, LOL. I am finding I actually prefer the DPN's to the circular needle(except for the dropping it part) and I never thought that would happen.

It's 2 minutes to Thursday (does that sound like a country song???) LOL I better publish this before it's too late. LOL

I am just happy that the Lord saw fit to keep my son safe on a three lane highway in morning rush hour traffic. he daily loads me with blessings and never fails to give me a reason to rejoice.

Luk 1:47 And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.


SimplyMe said...

Holy Cow Woman, once you get the hang of things, you really fly!!! Great job.

Lil Knitter said...

I'm so glad your son is safe and unhurt. I used to work for an insurance company too...actually kinda miss that job but I had a super boss.
Wow, you are zooming with the socks. No way I can keep up. lol I'm about to start the toe on my first one and then I get to try it on.
I love this sock you've got OTN...that yarn is so pretty. Can't wait to see it done.

Anonymous said...

1st I love that yarn it looks eatable. And yes you can give a cat a haircut. Houdini runs from the noise of a vacuum. But they said he was so good and that it is all in the confidence they feel cuz cats can tell what your attitude is. Have you ever been sick and noticed that your cat hoover around you more than usual. They know!

Wendy said...

I will never understand why people act, say and do the things they do...I am so glad to hear that your son is ok....If he was anything like myself the day I went in the ditch, he was praying throughout the entire ordeal....and after...That is so wonderful with the potty training, once they get it, it is great...I still put pull ups on Brooke at night, just incase, especially since she sleeps in bed with me...I really do not want any accidents...
Hope you have a blessed day.....

Mary Ann said...

Hey Kathy! I'm so happy to hear that your son is ok. Accidents are scary. I'm sorry that your old boss wasn't nicer to you, but you sure have a great attitude about the whole thing.

You're sock is coming along beautifully!! I can't wait to see it when it's done.

Now I've got to go check my blog to see if my post posted the other day. I'm thinking it didn't because something happened, not sure what. I was so disguised that I just logged off.

I started a pair of fingerless mitts this morning on the dpn! This should be interesting!

Talk to you soon!

Maria said...

Wow Kathy your sock looks great!! I really like that yarn! You are fast, too! Glad you like the dpns! I do, too.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad no one was hurt only the car. Isn't it amazing how people change when you deal with them in a business environment. I know I lost a good friend of over 13 years. Weird world!!!

I love the look of the socks.


Wendy said...

Kathy I don't know what is up, but I have tried to send you 2 emails today, and they keep coming back as failed....Is there another email I can send them to...Here is the sock pattern I am hoping to make

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