Saturday, February 16, 2008

Socks, Slides, Cake and Dominoes

I FINISHED MY SOCKS. I even wore them tonight. They are a little big but comfy. I posted them on Ravelry but here they are in case you aren't a Ravelry member yet.

Adam was playing with my yarn again today, he was all tangled up in it, like they did on one of the cartoon shows he watches on NOGGIN, Oswald is the show, anyway I got a couple hundred pictures of him playing with the yarn... here are a couple.

Then we took Adam to McDonald's, or Old McDonald's as he calls it, we were there almost 2 hours and probably would have stayed longer but he had a dirty diaper and well I am sure he was going to be offensive to the other kids in the slide area.
After that we stopped at the grocery store to get stuff to make a birthday dinner for my husband. He turned 48 today. More on this later.

When I got home from the store there were three boxes waiting for me. I so love getting boxes to open. My husband was very excited since it's his birthday and he thought I bought him a bunch of Dale JR stuff for a present. Imagine his shock when all three boxes were for me. Oops... My Bad. ooohh I hate that expression, why did I say that??? Anyway, onto the boxes, one was a set of videos for exercising from a friend I had forgotten she was sending them to me. The second was some books I got with some patterns in them. And the third box was my SOCK yarn already. it only took like 2 days, WOW!!! Here's a picture of my newest stuff.

So around 6pm we headed off to my sisters for dinner. We ended up making a Pork Roast, broccoli, Mashed Potatoes and Biscuits. It was delicious. My sister cooked it and we ate over at her house. She lives right next door to me but the sidewalk was very icy and I was really nervous walking over there. I held onto my husbands shirt for dear life and he was taking too big of steps and it was almost scaring me even more. I was practically, ok really, in tears as I walked in her front door. Coming home was just as bad. I am just thankful I made it without falling. that would have been BAD. We played Mexican Dominoes after dinner and now I am home again and blogging before I crash in bed. I am tired and cold to the bone. Burrrrr.

I wore my new socks to dinner and being this cold I may even wear them to bed tonight.

Can't wait to start a new pair... maybe even design my own someday too.

Have a great night everyone, I'll check back tomorrow. After DAYTONA of course.

Psa 68:19 Blessed [be] the Lord, [who] daily loadeth us [with benefits, even] the God of our salvation. Selah.


Lil Knitter said...

Your socks look so pretty! When I saw that photo on Ravelry earlier, I just knew those were yours.
Now I'm drooling over all that yummy sock yarn you got today.
Dinner sounds delicious...glad you made the trip safely.
Happy Birthday Hubby and WOO HOO....GO JR!!!!!

teabird said...

The socks look wonderful - contratulations!

blindpurls said...

Thanks for the comment. Please go visit Emily and purchase the pattern, remember it's for a fantastic cause.


hakucho said...

Wow, your socks are beautiful!! Great should be very proud :) I love the springlike. Now I can't wait to see what you do next :) (especially seeing all that new yarn you have.)

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I see lots of sock knitting in your future. I love your new socks the colors are awesome.


Maria said...

Hey Kathy! I love your socks!!!!

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