Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday, Blah Blah Blah

Well another by the wire post, just not feeling like being online much today.

I went nextdoor to my sisters (she was at her sons for the football game) and watched a movie with my mom and niece. We watched a movie called "Amazing Grace" it took place in Englad 17 or 1800's around the time the hymn Amazing Grace was written by John Newton. Turns out he was a slave shipper before he wrote the hymn and wrote it because of the sin he felt he was covered with because of it. It was mostly focused on William Wilburforce who basically got Parliament to abolish slavery among other things. It was a pretty good movie.

I was hoping to clean off a few movies from my DVR but not to happen tonight, maybe tomorrow. I have to hurry though because my DVR is 93% full. Yikes.

So who's happy or unhappy about the Super Bowl fianl score? I personally am not a football fan so I could care less, but most of my family around here are all Giants fans. They are all planning on going to Dick's tomorrow to get the hats.

Still gonna tease you with a picture of Adam in the box, tomorrow I'll show the third and final shot, LOL.

Church was awesome today, music was good, message was good, fellowship was good... yeah it was all good.

I added another contest to the contest section in the sidebar, make sure to check it out. It might run another 7 days or so, depends on when she finally makes her 100th post.

Not much else is new here today, I can't even think what I really got done, but here it is almost midnight again.

See you all tomorrow, which is in about 5 minutes, LOL.

Psa 57:10 For thy mercy [is] great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds.


SimplyMe said...


Mary Ann said...

I was happy with the football score! Go Giants! Dh was thrilled because he just didn't want the Patriots to win! lol

Both Denise and Becca came over with bf's. We had a great time!

I wasn't online at all yesterday.

Becca brought over her camera and I got digital pics of my projects so that I can get them posted at Raverly. Now I just have to wait for her to send them to me online!

Katie O said...

OH MY GOD!!! I got paged at 1130 pm to go pick up 6000 super bowl Giant hats to deliver to NY in time for dick's sporting good to open and have all the hats on hand!!! So funny that your fam is gonna go buy them!!! HA HA... Wait you read my blog later... it's now 139 pm and I haven't slept since yesterday at 11am!! Time for bed!!

Turtle said...

I was bummed! I so wanted the Pats to go all the way, but their quarterback was so not playing up to par and the giants were putting on some good, sigh*

I am guessing you have heat again!!

Anonymous said...

We aren't big football fans anymore but we still watch the Super Bowl. I rooted for the Giants because they were the underdog.
That movie sounds awesome. I have a ? for you about your DVR is it hooked to DirecTV? If so, does it freeze up on you?


ikkinlala said...

For me, football ends with the Grey Cup (the right team won that this season!) - the Superbowl I hear about, but I've never actually watched.

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