Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 31, Is it Over already??

Wow I can't believe the month is over already. This one sure flew by.

I hope you have all enjoyed the contest this month and will keep coming back for more. Still unsure if I will pop in a small contest day or two in February, you never know, LOL.

I am always open for any suggestions you might have on contest ideas... I like to keep it interesting for you all, so feel free to send me any ideas you ever have, OK?


Since I am forever on a "diet" to lose weight... it got me thinking what kind of knitting "diet" are people on? Post today what kind of "knitting diet" you are on by answering the following poll and earn an entry into the final day of January's contest.

1- I am on the eat all you want knitting diet... I can't get enough and I don't care if I am bulging out over the edges

2- I am on the use it to lose it plan. Trying to lighten the "stash" load, use what I have before I buy more. Waste not, want not, right?

3- I only restrict my "knitting diet" on weekdays. Weekends and holidays are a free for all, watch out LYS I am a hungry girl on Saturdays, LOL

4- I am starving, my stash is gone, my needles are lonely, but hey the "Sheep" are happy, right?

Well I finally finished my mini project carryall bag. I used the ticker tape, in pink, it's the perfect size for a couple balls of cotton, needles and a pattern for those on the go dishcloth projects. It's a little bright in the picture, camera woes still, but it's cute. I like it.

Today I am hoping to get the taxes done. I think I finally have all the documents I need. Tomorrow Adam returns, so today is the day.

Just a reminder everyone there are many other contests out there in blogland... I have a few links on the side bar for individual contests and one of the links is a blog that is strictly to list contests she has found out there. I think you can never have too many contests, right?

Have a terrific Thursday everyone...
Psa 66:20 Blessed [be] God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me.


Wendy said...

Well I guess I would be number 2....Using what I have, not so I can buy more (can't anyways) but so I have more room and can maybe sell a few items to make some money....Otherwise I would be number 1.........
Have a blessed day........

Turtle said...

i guess i am number 2 as well. Although i have not been working for the last 2 months so it makes it hard to just go shopping. (hubby actually has a point now) Thank goodness i signed up for the socks that rock club last fall! (ps, i start back to work on tuesday!)

Katie O said...

I am also number

2- I am on the use it to lose it plan. Trying to lighten the "stash" load, use what I have before I buy more. Waste not, want not, right?

I want more, but have 2 huge huge totes that I need to start using up. Although if I do get a special project then I might go buy some more yarn... but I'm doing ok right now.

OhAmyKP said...

I'm the 3rd one! I'm restricting my "knitting diet" to the Train and maybe holidays (just for right now). Sometimes I also "binge buy" my stash. 2 weeks ago I made a "mistake" and both $90 worth of Wool Ease from it was on sale $1.99 (my first time buying this yarn). I only meant to by $50 worth but when I got it in the mail I just couldnt return it. I tried, they even sent me a return lable...but it was too late. Its duplicate colors and its thinner than I thought it would be but I just couldn't part with it. Its Mine, All Mine!

MamaMay said...

I don't really know anymore what diet I am on.

In the begining of med school I was on the "thou shall buy NO YARN" diet. I just used what I had and was happy because having a newborn really cuts into ones knitting time anyway. It really was a choice on food or yarn and hubby and baby are not willing to fast...

Now that i am working on a knitting design business like thing (really I am only going to get 3 patterns out a year self publish wise and one that hopefully will sell to an online mag for advertisements sake.) I am allowing myself to buy yarns but ONLY what is needed for a pattern. I was hoping that I could actually make money teaching knitting but so far I have had 2 students in as many months so that won't be helping with yarn money for designing. In fact, it looks like my blog is making more with ads than what I can make teaching. At least I have X-mas gift money to buy stuff I love with.

Sorry making this into a money rant. The truth is that it isn't so much of a diet as a begger at this point. (In fact, 90% of my stash on Ravelry is Random Acts of Kindness yarn... meaning people were destashing and just gave it to me.)

Now don't go feeling sorry for me, I did CHOOSE this when hubby went to medical school, and it will only last another two years then I get yarn again. There is an end in sight!

SimplyMe said...

I so want to think that I'm a 2, but I'm a 1 and 3 combo...but my weekend isn't sat or sunday, it's somewhere in the middle of the week about once a month!!!!

What a creative and fun question...I laughed so hard cos it was so friggin cute

Lil Knitter said...

I try to do #2 but honestly I have to say #1.
I love your mini project carryall cute and love the color.

Knit+i+tron said...

definately a #1 (1- I am on the eat all you want knitting diet... I can't get enough and I don't care if I am bulging out over the edges

I can knit at work, and I do. I'm always looking for sales online, and well, i dont have a free needle!

but i really wanted to thank you for your comments, i really appreciate them. you were my first!

Mary Ann said...

Ok, I'm on #2. Dh hasn't been getting his regular hrs at work. Actually he's lucky to get 20 hrs., which means that money is pulled tight. That translates into no extra money for yarn, so I'm trying to use yarn that I have or thread that I have. Due to the kindness of my craft club, I do have a JoAnn's gift card, which now has maybe $10 on it (if I'm lucky) because I had to buy more yarn for my afghan that I was making with my stash yarn. LOL

You're little tote is cute.

Tomorrow is my WI, hope I lose some of my stash!

Anonymous said...

I am trying for #2 but I tend to stray over to #1, especially if it is a new project and I don't have the yarn.


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