Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well Praise God, He ROCKS!

I am so excited. We just sold a pattern on our Etsy shop, it was the Shamrock with the bobbles. Of course I have the pattern instructions here so I went to attach them to am email and send it off to the buyer and what do I discover??? I never actually typed up the pattern, Uh OH. So frantically, now mind you it's almost midnight, I go searching the shelf behind my bed for my pattern journal. I find it and come back to the desk open the book and all i see is scribble, Uh Oh. Found Adams journal not mine. Then I remember I had the graph of the pattern in my pattern notebook, so I go there thinking I am going to have to re-write it from the graph and well let's just say my bed looks pretty crisp and white right now, too bad it's papers scattered all over it and not linen sheets. I found the graph and then decided to look one more time for the journal, I found it. Thank God. So I started typing, still really excited and wanting to call Shelly in the worst way but like I said it's after midnight now. So I start typing, as careful as I can, you know how many typos I make just blogging. And then the phone rings, it's Shelly, she just discovered the sale too, LOL. I guess she couldn't wait. Actually, if I am asleep with the CPAP on I won;t hear the phone ring so I told her call anytime, if I'm awake I'll answer, if I'm asleep leave a message. So it all worked out, got the pattern delivered and all is good. Actually God is good. He ROCKS!!!

I didn't make too many squares today. I got a vision of a square to make for VJG and have been working on the prototypes. They are rough and not really right yet, but if you're curious here are the rough drafts.

It's supposed to be a race car (the green part) I can see the wheels need to be bigger and spaced better but this was done without any written instructions, just a vision in my head

Then I tried to crochet a square shape around it, harder then I thought. But I will keep trying. I actually tore this one apart and started over again.

Now this time I think I got the wheels right and it came out as 1/2 of a square, 4X8. This picture stinks though, in person it looks better. Here it looks like a backwards cracked egg or something or a turtle.

I'll be trying again tomorrow. Every failure just brings us closer to success right?

By they way I had a few ask, I will take any squares, any size for the VJG, I can make any square work and would love to have them. Knitted or crocheted, no matter, I can work with them all. As long as they are colorful we are good to go.

I think Adam will be coming tomorrow after school, I haven't seen him all week, so I am ready for him.

It's mighty cold here in NY, below zero, I'm glad we still have wood for the metal monster or I'd be a Popsicle.

It's now almost 1AM and I'd best be getting to bed, after I clean off the white sheets, sheets of paper that is. Good night everyone.

1Ch 29:13 Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.


Lil Knitter said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on the sale!
That's a great idea for the's going to be so cute when you're done. I think they'll really like those.
And I thought we were cold in the 20's...keep that stove going.

Scarlet said...

Congratulations on the sale. I wish I knew how to knit, I love so many of your wash cloth patterns but they do me no good if I can't make them. Maybe someday i will learn.

Love your blog, I come via Wendy;s blog.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first sale! Fantastic! :-)

He is great isn't He!?!?

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! AK!!!! WTG!!! Congratulations on the first sale!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I can see the race car too. Excellent work. Great job on the sale too. Not much going on in my world trying to heal.

hakucho said... found the pattern! Congratulations on your first sale :)That is so awesome!!! May you have many more!

Mary Ann said...

Congradulations on the sale Kat! That's wonderful news!

I'm behind on checking the blogs, as you can see. It's because I've been dealing with breathing problems. I'm feeling better at the moment though.

I hope you have many more sales!

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