Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't Forget To Floss Now

Well I went to the dentist today for my 6 month teeth cleaning. No cavities but I need to floss more. I have such a hard time getting my fat fingers into my mouth, LOL. I promise to try harder though. But one thing I need to lighten up on though is my brushing, he said I brush too hard he can see bristle marks ground in my teeth, hmm how did that happen?

Well it looks like Angie (Adam's mom) had a miscarriage. I know she is sad but hopefully it will turn out for the best. She told me today she is planning on getting married in the summer. My son Joe was not really happy about that. I think somewhere in his mind he expects they will get back together again. I am pretty sure that won't ever happen.

I was thinking today it's almost the end of February, you know what that means, right? The March contest will be starting in a couple days. Are you all ready for another fun filled month of me blabbering and asking silly riddles just to get a prize in the end? I haven't even begun to get ready yet, so much to do and so little time. I think maybe I will have to hire employees, LOL.

I have still been making squares, they are a fast project with some immediate results and that's what I need right now. I didn't get any new pictures taken yet but I will have some tomorrow I hope.

I was pretty tired today from staying up until 2AM waiting for that silly race to never start and then I was woken up at 8am by the phone ringing. I think i will hit the hay early tonight and try to catch up a little. I sleep with a CPAP mask and tonight I am trying a full face mask (covers nose and mouth) because my nose is so plugged up that i can;t breathe anymore and it's affecting my sleep. Hopefully this will help, last time I tried it I couldn't get it to fit around my face right, but I have to try something. I am way too tired, way too often.

I didn't even read all your blogs today, I will just have to catch up tomorrow.

HUGS and PRAYERS to you all
Ecc 3:1 To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


Lil Knitter said...

Nascar is so stupid...I missed the whole darn thing!
Oh yeah, almost contest time again...WOO HOO!!!!!!
Get that mask to co-operate and get yourself some good sleep. I know how hard that can Mom has COPD and she tires so easily. Had to change her tubing tonight cuz the one she's been using keeps kinking up.

SimplyMe said...

O I could so use a distraction RIGHT NOW!!!!

Thanks for listening earlier today. I never did change subjects, so I decided not to subject you to more torture.

Hummmm...march comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.....

I'm guessing you'll come up with a great idea friday night, around, oh say 1159! Maybe we can play idea catch tomorrow. That is if I ever go to bed so I can get up and function! I did kick cc off the computer awhile ago so I didn't start playing rock band. FIgured I'd never go to bed if I started that up, but I do already have half the ww challenge done

Yep, with the way I'm typing, I'm guessing bed will be somewhere around when you get up!!!!!

I really am leaving
I promise!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey I so feel for you and lacking sleep. It is the worst I think to feel tired all the time. You go get some much needed rest.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could use my squares to rest on>>> Houdini looks quite cozy as you said. He always does. Take care of you.

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