Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Race That Never Ends...

Well this was the longest NASCAR race that never really raced that I can ever remember. It's almost midnight and they are still considering finishing the race tonight. I can only imagine how tired everyone at the track is, drivers, crews, officials, and fans.

Adam went home this morning. He always wakes up in such a happy mood. Here are the pictures I took of him yesterday, in the mail we got a advertisement from the PO and this was part of the mailing... I call this one Face ON

and this one Face OFF

My husband spent the day on the frozen Resorvoir ice fishing today. he came home freezing and hungry and for all those hours this is what he brought home.

Hmmm let's see, it probably cost $10.00 in gas to drive there, $8.00 in bait, $300.00 in fishing supplies, and enough fish to make a fish fry maybe... yeah I'm thinking it was worth it. LOL

I have put aside my sock. Maybe I will like it more in the Spring. I am going to work on some squares for charity afghans for awhile. I have been procrastinating in this area. I made two of these in just under an hour. I like how they came out.

Church was good today, I really enjoyed the message and the worship. I wish I could have church everyday sometimes.

Well I want to blog this and then go see if the race si going to finish or not. See you all tomorrow.

Psa 132:7 We will go into his tabernacles: we will worship at his footstool.


Katie O said...

I'm still waiting also... I just hope this race either goes or doesn't... so i can sleep or not!

Lil Knitter said...

Adam's photos are too cute.
I gave up trying to keep up with the race...NASCAR is being stupid today.
I love that heart square....those are pretty.
Don't feel bad...I haven't cast on another sock yet either. I think I want to try some with a thicker weight yarn next time.
Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

I think NASCAR was tripping yesterday. Unbelievable.
Love the pics. of Adam. YUM fish fry!!


SimplyMe said...

Adam rocks

Nascar doesn't

The fish made Gary happy = priceless

the square = shelly needs the pattern!

Amy the knittin fool said...

Nice looking fish even if it was only one...hehe.

Love the heart square!


Mary Ann said...

Adam is so cute! Nascar was stupid yesterday! Watched both races today!

I like the square. I love it when they make up fast.

Dh's fish was worth it. I'm sure he enjoyed himself like you do when you knit.

hakucho said...

Adam is very cute. I must admit fresh caught fish taste much better than anything you can get in a I think it was worth it, too :)

Your heart square is very pretty...good luck with the rest :)

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