Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday, Water and Wet pants

Well it's Wednesday. I survived Adam... he played hard today. At one point we were tickling and laughing for a long time, maybe 30 minutes or more and I said... STOP... time for a water break. So we both stopped, grabbed our mugs of water and took some long drinks to refresh ourselves. We went right back to tickling afterwards though. I so love to hear Adam laugh.

Not a good day potty training though... we had a few wet pant mishaps, and I even think once he pee'd on my rug in the front hallway. It was in the shape of a circle, I think he did that on purpose. That's a first... not sure what possessed him to do that. I should have taken a picture of it. Oh well.

Went to church tonight and the assistant pastors wife handed me a bag when I got there. Inside was a bag of salad greens, some cabbage, some fresh asparagus and a bag of baby carrots. It was like a million bucks to me. I love vegetables and I have not had any in the house in a few days. God is so good to me.

I am still working on the sock, only have about 5 or 6" done so far but maybe tomorrow I will get to start the heel or something.

We got the check today to fix my sons car from the insurance company so hopefully by next week we will have that car back.

My husband has to work again tomorrow night for the Matchbox 20 concert. He needs to bring a flashlight with him, and the only one I have is a Diego flashlight I bought for Adam that cranks up. Maybe I better send out one of the boys tomorrow to get him a grown up one, ya think?

Well I guess I'll sign off here, sorry still no pictures. I gave the camera the week off, LOL.

I'll check back tomorrow.

Eze 34:15 I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD.


Lil Knitter said...

Whew...I really don't miss those potty training days. Good luck with that.

Yeah, I think Hubby might appreciate a "big boy" flashlight although I do laugh out loud thinking of a big guy carrying a Diego crank up flashlight. lol

I finally got the second sock done...the little one is sleeping in them as I type. She's really liking those socks. Now I need to cast on a pair for me.

Hope you get a good night's rest.

Anonymous said...

LOL that would be too funny to see. A security guard walking with a Diego flashlight. I would love it!!!!


Marti Knits in SF said...

Congrats on the socks m'dear! So far all I've done with regards to socks is to collect a few patterns and some books and bookmark some You Tube stuff. LOL I'm planning that once I'm not jobless anymore I'll take a class at one of my LYSes. I actually have 2 within a one mile radius and they are both very very different.

Speaking of veggies sounds like the makings of a good hearty soup there, just add your own ham bone or whole chicken. Our landlord said he was going to use the garden space to plant some veggies and asked what we liked. My answer was tomatoes, carrots, green peppers, green beans and peas. If he doesn't I'm going to try to take over. So its hopefully off to the Farmers Market this Saturday.

Blessed Be and Merry Knitting!

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