Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow continues, unbelievable

Yep today was a pretty good activity day for me. I climbed the stairs so I could watch Biggest Loser this week, too many things on TV at the same time on Tuesdays so if I want to DVR them and watch them all I have to sacrifice. I figure it's good to get in activity to watch a show like The Biggest Loser, LOL. It looks like the blond trainer Kim Lyons is going to be at our Golds Gym this weekend for it's grand opening. Ya think if I went there she'd see my situation and agree to be a trainer for me and help me get this weight off? Yeah that's what I thought too. Oh well.

Still working on the charity squares, I have about 8 done so far. These one will be for Close Knit Hugs, and as soon as I can dig out my acrylics I will get started on the Victory Junction gang squares. A group of us Weight Watcher girls have agreed to donate afghans for the camp based on our weight losses and goals met during the off season of NASCAR until the Daytona race. We will be donating a minimum of 3 completed afghans as well as other items the VJG web site says they need to keep the camp running.

More snow in New York. Looks like the winter that just won't end.
Here are a couple pictures I took from the front door, I was trying to capture the snowflakes that were so HUGE they were almost the size of ping pong balls.

I tried to sleep with the full face mask last night but it doesn't fit my face right and I struggled all night still to sleep. Needless to say I am still tired. I think I am going to have to go to the sleep center and have them check it out and maybe re-fit me with a different size. maybe it's the weight I have lost, I don't know. But I do know I am not going to gain it all back just so I can fit better in my CPAP masks, LOL.

I cut my finger washing dishes tonight, it hurts and then I got a splinter in the palm of my hand and I can't get it out, I am such a klutz. But God is good, He healed me enough so I can still knit and crochet, God sure does love me.

Off to bed, I'll be back tomorrow.
Psa 30:2 O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.


Wendy said...

I am so glad you made it up the stairs.....I am also glad that someone else is getting some snow...we only got about 3 inches this time and that was even too much for me....I am so through with the snow....I'm not a kid anymore and am not one to be looking for schools closing and playing in it for hours.....I want some half way warmth and some GREEN....I want the kids to be able to go outside (without me having to freeze) and to burn off some of their pent up energy.....I need SPRING, I need a break....I can only come up with so much to kee them occupied and me sane....

Lil Knitter said...

I know you're tired of that white stuff but I still wish we could get some. Nothing but nasty old rain and storms here today.
I love those squares...something about that combination of browns and pinks...love it!
I hope you get some good rest tonight. Hugs!!

SimplyMe said...

Good grief. I may have to blog to respond to yours.

First, I now want that book and WHAT VARIGATED YARN IS THAT? I'm in LUV with the brown and pink. I'm awed out with the squares.

I say go to the gym and yell and holler "help me!!" What in the hell do you have to lose at this point. Maybe they'd give you a menbership so you could swim! Or how about "I'll trade you a success story for a free membership" Something's gotta give.

AMEN. You'd better not put the weight back on to fit the CPAP. Haul your hiney (and face and mask) and MAKE THEM FIT IT AGAIN!

Ouchie on the finger

God's been smacking me this week. I HEARD IT. I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing...and that's fighting for my kids. and may that be over for the moment!

Thanks for your continual support and patience.

Hope you're sleeping tight and NOT snoring!

Katie O said...

Who is going to be putting the afghans together?? I was just talking to Wendy tonight about the VJG and who needed squares. I'd love to donate, but it'll be slow, cuz I'm not a fast crocheter... takes me forever!! Let me know!!

Anonymous said...

AK, good for you for getting in that exercise... :-) This might sound bad, but I never liked the blonde trainer, I love lvoe love Jillian! :-)

The squares are gorgeous! Your crochet is just so beautiful, and you are so talented.. I'm starting to think that I need my MIL to teach me to crochet sometime...

I too try to get the photos of those huge fluffy flakes, but never succeed!

Mary Ann said...

I agree with Shelly! Get down there and tell her she can have all the credit for your loss--just help you!! I never was crazy about her either, but she is a good trainer, personality aside!

I'm happy that you made it up the stairs!! Woo Hoo!! as my ydd would say! I watched the last half hour of the BL and was planning to watch it today, but something else came up.

Hope you got a good sleep last night. Seems I'm always a day behind a dollar short! Hope your finger and hand are ok. Put a piece of tape over that splinter. It will come out!

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